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80 hours

Yoga for Mental health

Students will learn to understand and explain the intersectionality of yoga psychology and western psychotherapeutic models,  recognize and develop an on-going awareness of personal and societal stigmatization of mental illness and how that impacts clients.

This course explores yogic philosophical and psychological perspectives on the mind, while understanding the role of the Yoga Therapist when working with mental disorders.  Students will define depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and anxiety (gad) and discuss the yogic and western medical perspective and approach to treatment.

The polyvagal theory will be applied when working with grief and loss, understanding perspectives on how yoga may be helpful or harmful.

Yoga for Healthy Aging

During this course, students will demonstrate an awareness of the issues & challenges involved in teaching such a diverse population and cover topics such as:

  • Concerns associated with Chair Yoga students
  • Benefits of Chair Yoga
  • Sequencing a 45 – 60 minute Chair Yoga class
  • Adapting and modifying traditional yoga poses to Chair Yoga

Women’s Health through the Lifespan: the childbearing years and beyond

This course will focus on women’s health and why it matters and differentiate between healing vs curing in women’s health.

Students will identify and understand:

  • The female energy system & anatomy
  • The female mind/body connection
  • The physical (musculoskeletal) and mental changes that occur in adolescents, the female athlete, the pregnant woman, the post partum woman, the perimenopausal woman and the menopausal woman.

Therapists will assess the whole woman, through the lens of the Integrated Systems Model.