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280 – 1125 Howe St

The Vancouver School of Healing Arts has been helping its students become accomplished teachers for over fifteen years.

We are a school, designated by the Ministry of Advanced Education in B.C. (through the Private Training Institutions Branch), that helps students become skilled yoga teachers- confident to teach in a diverse world. This starts with students building a deep understanding of the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga, through intensive practice facilitated by our renowned yoga teachers.Upon this strong foundation we build the confidence and skill students need to teach in all scenarios – in a studio, online, or one-on-one.

VSOHA’s 240-Hour ENRICHED Training

VSOHA offers a unique 12-week certification program where students study just two evenings per week online and attend on-ground classes either 1 or 1.5 days each weekend. This allows students to work part-time or pursue other goals while they are gaining their certification.

A Changing Industry Opens Career Possibilities

According to, 21% of Canadians practice yoga regularly. Due to current challenges society is battling, including COVID-19, the desire for Canadians to find peace and joy through yoga has never been higher. Many teachers are offering flexible online options in addition to face-to-face options, have never been busier! Our students will be prepared to step into the opportunities that now exist for yoga teachers.


Yoga Alliance

We have a 5-star rating on Yoga Alliance with over 171 reviews. Our students gain their Worldwide Yoga Alliance certification while studying both online and on-ground, they will gain competence in teaching others in online or on-ground group or individual settings. Our alignment based Hatha Vinyasa & Therapeutic Yoga trainings will help students adapt their teaching to a variety of environments, demographics, and styles. Students develop the skills to modify their instruction to suit many different people and demographics utilizing various styles, including hatha, flow, yin and restorative. Teachers in training will learn to work 1:1, in person and online. For more information and to read reviews, please visit

Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Our Teaching Philosophy

Our alignment based Hatha Vinyasa training will helps students adapt their teaching to a variety of environments, demographics, and styles. Students develop the skills to modify their instruction to suit beginners or intermediate clients utilizing various styles, including hatha, power or flow.

Our blended programs offers in-person training for methodology & principals of practice and fully facilitated online instruction for Anatomy, Architecture of the subtle body, History & Philosophy, Ayurveda & Seasonal Attunement, The Nervous System, Brain wave patterning/vagal nerve theory and the business of Yoga. Utilizing up-to-date learning technologies and offering personalized coaching throughout, our program melds the rich history and tradition of yoga with evidence-based, modern scientific understanding of the body/mind connection.

Funding Options

We have interest-free payment options and our program qualifies eligible students to receive provincial and Canada student loans. Talk with our Admissions staff to learn more.


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