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80 hours

Yoga Therapy: through the lens of the Integrated System Model

During this course, students learn how the Integrated Systems Model provides a framework for clinical reasoning in order to find the underlying driver for the patient’s concern and review a meaningful task, meaningful complaint, primary/secondary/co-driver and vector analysis.  Stundets will assess a client’s strategy from foot to neck for performance of a meaningful tasks, including optimal strategy for function of the foot, hip, pelvis, thorax, neck & shoulder girdle.  Learn to skillfully offer manual physical adjustments to various regions of the body to determine the area to be addressed first for treatment – the ‘primary drivers’ and provide an appropriate home program using yoga techniques based on assessment.

Trauma Informed Yoga

The course will review the theoretical and experiential underpinnings of trauma informed Yoga theory and techniques. Students will create safe classes and practices for trauma survivors that emphasize choice and focus on the cultivation of interoceptive awareness.  Learn to understand and apply the concepts of the Koshas (levels of the human being), Yamas & Niyamas (ethics and practices), the Gunas (basic psychological archetypes), Langhana & Brahmana (categories of Yoga practices) as they pertain to trauma experience.

You will learn to establish the differences and intersections between Western medical and Yogic perspectives of trauma, the body and disease and have a deeper understanding of the importance of boundaries, self-care, strengths-based and client centered practices when working with traumatized populations.