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280 – 1125 Howe St

The Vancouver School of Healing Arts (VSOHA) offers a career-focused Bodywork Therapy Program designed for individuals who want to learn bodywork and massage. After graduating, students can work in the spa and therapeutic healing industries and become professional bodywork therapists.

The program is delivered in a full-time format, see the schedule for upcoming offerings.

The Bodywork Therapy Program is intensive and comprehensive, covering several different disciplines. The curriculum starts with a strong foundation in the human sciences and manual skills before moving on to the most popular spa modalities. Students learn to integrate these techniques, giving them a well-rounded perspective on the healing qualities of bodywork.

Introduction with Program Director, Marie Salton

We offer:

  • A top-quality holistic massage and bodywork education
  • Spa-ready skills that can be applied immediately and competently upon graduation
  • An intensive and thorough course format that is affordable in terms of time and money
  • A professional, supportive and fun learning environment
  • An invaluable life experience

*Our online classes are taught synchronously through Zoom.

Learning Objectives

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate broad theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on skills in the various disciplines covered in the program
  • Employ a solid foundation of knowledge and kinesthetic awareness of the human body and its various systems
  • Utilize professional skills and experience gained working with the public during Student Clinic
  • Build a professional practice with confidence
  • Choose to pursue continuing education and advanced studies
  • Design a career that is aligned with your values

To view our complete gallery of photos and videos showcasing Bodywork Therapy, please click here.

This program has been approved by the Registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.

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