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60 hours

Body-mind Integration

You will learn to apply appropriate evidence-based yogic techniques of meditation, guided visualization, Yoga Nidra and Mudra, in designing a yoga practice to address the health and well-being of a group or individual.  Students will write a Yoga Nidra script for the delivery to an assigned population and lead a group or individual meditation.

Subtle Body Anatomy & Pranayama

This course will teach you to explain the chakra system according to the Tantric Yoga tradition and delineate the 7 chakras, their location, associated element, character traits, common issues that affect each chakra and how qualities of excess/deficiency/balance manifest in each. You will learn to provide healing techniques, including mudra, mantras, asana & pranayama to bring each chakra into balance and offer an energetic assessment of partner/client based on information gathered through dialogue & observation, followed by a cohesive yoga therapy session utilizing the information gathered and tools learned

Asana Biomechanics & Manual Adjustments

This course will integrate knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics within various asana to target the:

  • Feet & Ankles
  • Knees
  • Pelvis
  • Thorax
  • Shoulder Girdle
  • Cervical Spine

Students will learn how offer key asana to intelligently address imbalances observed through physical assessment based on working knowledge of the Integrated Systems Model in order to help a client/student (re)establish optimal biomechanics for their meaningful task.  The course will provide you the skills to offer confident and clear manual adjustments, assists & enhancements in various asana based on observable misalignments.