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102 hours

Case Study Project

The objective of this course is for students to gather primary research through their work with an individual or group representative of the chosen population as they develop and deliver an 8 week class series or series of therapeutic sessions, while receiving documented feedback.

Students will compile secondary research pertaining to their chosen population/condition, including pathophysiological considerations to psychological considerations, as well as spiritual issues that may present themselves in relation to the condition/population.

A final written and oral presentation, including a summary of all primary and secondary research findings, relevant assessments, treatments/classes/sessions, feedback summaries and final conclusion will be created by speaking to and addressing variations in the condition/population and facilitating a path of well-being and healing through the implementation of private yoga therapy sessions and/or classes tailored to their specific needs.

Students will defend their research to their peers, course instructors and any chosen guests and draw on their experience with this condition/population as launching point from which to begin their careers as yoga therapists.

Student Clinic

In the final term, students will clinically apply yoga therapy principles and methodology through supervised clinical practice with clients. During these sessions they will demonstrate the ability to integrate information from the intake, evaluation and observation to develop an assessment of the client’s condition, limitations and possibilities in order to illuminate a path to change.

Individual 1 hour Yoga Therapy sessions will be offered to members of the public and peers that meet the needs and expectations of clients, drawing on various Principles of Yoga Therapy and Yoga Therapy Methodology.

These session provide an opportunity for students to manage time effectively, use words and touch with purpose, demonstrate the ability to reflect on sessions and integrate feedback from clients.  Students will engage in thoughtful discussion and reflection with peers to solidify & integrate learnings from the weekly sessions.

Student clinic will enable students to hold the seat of the teacher/therapist with greater confidence while maintaining both presence and appropriate boundaries.