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Welcome to our Student Referral Program! We believe that great students know other great students, and we want to reward you for spreading the word about our programs. By referring your friends, classmates, or colleagues to our programs, you’re not only helping them discover new opportunities but you will also receive an appreciation reward from us. Whether you’re a current student or alumni, the student referral program is designed to show our appreciation for your advocacy.

Invite a friend, colleague or family member to join VSOHA, and you’ll receive $300 if they join any programs that are longer than six months or $150 for programs that are shorter than six months.

  • $300 for Bodywork Therapy and full C-IAYT program (Includes the foundations, advanced and the final portion of the C-IAYT program).
  • $150 for Yoga Therapy Foundations, Yoga Therapy Advanced, 240 Yoga Teacher Training.
  • The student referral program will be in effect starting May 1st, 2024, and will apply exclusively to future enrollments.
  • The completion of the form is mandatory for making a referral. Referrals will not be permitted unless the form has been filled out.
  • If a student or alumni refers someone to Yoga Therapy Foundations, they are not eligible to make another referral for that same individual to enroll in Yoga Therapy Advanced.

Have questions? Contact us at or call 604-708-4416 for more details about our Referral Program. Let’s spread wellness together! Join our Referral Program and make a positive impact in the lives of others through VSOHA