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Bodywork Therapy Student Clinic is a simulated professional environment where our Bodywork Therapy students gain “real-life” experience working with the public in a safe, supervised environment. The clinic offers bodywork and massage treatments at exceptional value and is open to the public year round.

Students perform treatments in accordance with their progression through the program. By their first clinic they can perform a full-body Swedish massage and with each following clinic they can apply new techniques such as deep tissue, joint release and shiatsu.

Step 1 – Arrival

The VSOHA Bodywork Therapy Student Clinic is held inside Rhodes Wellness College and is accessed via the elevators in the main lobby. Upon arriving at our Student Clinic, our receptionist will check you in and take your payment with the credit card used to book your appointment online. At this time, you are welcome to use the washroom prior to your treatment. Your Student Therapist will take you into your treatment two minutes prior to your appointment start time.

Step 2 – Intake & Assessment

Before your first treatment, you will be emailed a request to complete an intake form via our booking system, JaneApp. It is important to have this completed prior to your treatment so your Student Therapist and their Supervisor understand any medical concerns or treatment preferences you might have. If you do not complete this information prior to your first treatment, you will be required to do so upon your arrival to the Student Clinic and prior to being taken into your treatment. Once your intake form has been reviewed and it is confirmed that it is safe to treat you, your Student Therapist will take you into the treatment room.

In the treatment room, before beginning your treatment, your Student Therapist will:

  • Ask you about areas of the body that have been ailing you.
  • Perform an assessment of your body based on the stage of learning they have completed.
  • Determine goals for the treatment based on the stage of learning they have completed.
  • Propose a treatment plan for the session and ask your consent to perform the proposed treatment.

Once your Student Therapist has received your consent, they will instruct you on how to prepare for your treatment ie. how to get on the massage table, what to disrobe and where to place your things. The Student Therapist will then leave the room and pin the door closed so you may do so with privacy.

*Please note, our students are not trained to treat people who are pregnant, are in acute stages of care or children under the age of 16 years old.

Step 3 – Instructor Approval

While you are preparing for your treatment, your Student Therapist must take some time to check in with their Clinic Supervisor and inform them of the results of your assessment as well as the proposed treatment plan. The Clinic Supervisor will offer any necessary feedback on how to best perform the treatment and give approval to proceed.

Step 4 – Student Led Bodywork Therapy

Bodywork Therapy Student Clinic is a learning environment where students are encouraged to practice techniques cultivated at the stage of learning they are currently in. Our students are taught a wide range of modalities over the course of their training.  If your treatment goals are not within the stage of learning the students are in, your Student Therapist will work with you and their Clinic Supervisor to determine the best course of action to support you safely.

Treatment rooms are set up inside the classroom using curtains. That said, please expect to experience noise from the adjacent treatment rooms. Also, because this is a learning environment, the ‘door’ to the treatment room will be pinned open so the Clinic Supervisor may observe your Student Therapist’s treatment allowing for any necessary feedback to be given either during or after your treatment. 

We very much encourage you to communicate how your Student Therapist might better care for your needs throughout your treatment. If your Student Therapist is unsure of how to accommodate you, they may step away to ask their Clinic Supervisor for support. Continued communication gives the Students the information they need to ensure they are effectively achieving the planned results.

Please note we cannot accommodate requests of specific student therapists, or requests based on gender, race, ethnicity or the like. Our priority is to our students and their learning which means we do our best to review our clinic bookings and make the necessary changes to ensure our students are practicing on an array of different bodies. This gives our students diversity in experience, preparing them for their careers. If it is important to you to have a confirmation of a specific therapist, we encourage you to book with a professional spa or clinic.

Step 5 – Client Feedback

Upon completing your treatment. Your Student Therapist will instruct you to dress, gather your things and meet them outside the treatment room where they will provide you with a feedback form to complete. Your treatment room door will be pinned closed for your privacy.

Once you have met your Student Therapist outside the treatment room, they will walk you back to the reception area where you are asked to fill out the two page feedback form that is given to the Clinic Supervisor for grading.

We currently have the following spots available for booking below:

OpenJuly 4, 2024
OpenAugust 8, 2024
OpenAugust 21, 2024
OpenSeptember 26, 2024
OpenOctober 16, 2024
OpenNovember 20, 2024
OpenDecember 11, 2024

Need to cancel or reschedule your appointment?

Cancelling an Appointment:

Please visit your My Account Page on our booking site JaneApp to cancel, change or reschedule your appointment outside of our 24-hour cancellation window. No-shows and cancellations within our 24-hour cancellation window will be fully charged to the credit card we have on file.

To cancel within the 24-hour cancellation window, please email
Cancellations will not be charged if you are sick or injured.
**Please note: our clinic email is monitored twice per week, the day before the clinic and during the clinic. Prior to that, please make any changes to your appointment online here.

The Fine Print

  • Treatment Costs (Plus GST)
    • 60min- $30
    • 90min- $40
    • 120min – $50
    • Rhodes and VSOHA alumni receive 50% discount
  • Payment is taken via the credit card used to book your treatment online. While it is absolutely not a requirement, you are welcome to leave your Student Therapist a cash tip with the receptionist.
  • Our students are not trained to treat people who are pregnant, are in acute stages of care or children under the age of 16.  Do not arrive with any communicable conditions (ie. coughing, sneezing, runny nose).
  • We cannot mind children while parents receive treatment, please make child care arrangements.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment to process payment and to allow your treatment to begin on time. If you have not completed your online intake form, please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment so you may do so upon arrival.
  • Please review our Covid-19 Guidelines, Rules & Procedures before arriving.

Contact Us

Do you have any questions about our student lead massages? Our team is here to support you.
Please email

Bodywork Therapy Student Clinic
1125 Howe St #280, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2K8


Your honest and well considered feedback is truly invaluable. The feedback form provided at the end of your treatment gives you the necessary guidance on the information we are looking for regarding your experience. Please feel free to expand on your experience and observations as a recipient in the comment section.

We hope you enjoy your VSOHA Bodywork Therapy Student Clinic experience!