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Body Mind Integration

Many of the bodywork and massage techniques explored in the Bodywork Therapy Program address the deep, subtle and chronic tensions held within the bodily structure. Freeing physical tension holds the possibility to in turn awaken, trigger or release contained emotions, traumas or memories stored in energy levels of the body. In the Body-Mind Integration component students will study and explore the psychosomatic relationship that exists between body, mind and spirit and learn to honour this connection within massage. The objective is to develop students’ ability to listen, support and respond to clients needs as they unfold while maintaining a grounded, integral and authentic presence.

Body Mind Integration VSOHA Bodywork Therapy

Professional Development

During Professional Development students will examine the impulses, styles, preferences, passions and gifts that they naturally bring to their massage practice. Based on their unique characteristics and strengths, students will develop practical ways to hone their skills in the workplace and improve their effectiveness as professionals. Key focus areas include identifying personal vision and values, practicing effective communication, understanding the various roles and functions in the workplace, setting boundaries, developing strategies for dealing with conflict and cultivating an optimal balance between personal and professional life.

Professional Development VSOHA Bodywork Therapy

Business Skills

The Business Skills course is divided into 2 components: Spa Employment Preparation and Self-Employment.

Spa Employment Preparation:

This course will provide an overview of the spa industry locally, regionally and globally. Spa industry trends, opportunities and challenges for bodyworkers will be identified. Students will discuss ways to present personal & professional skills to a diverse industry. Individual preferences & thresholds for workload, pay, location and benefits will be determined.


For wellness practitioners to create a successful self-employed career, in addition to being skilled at their craft, they must also have business skills. This course was created to provide the valuable tools and resources for a practitioner to start their own small business and to bridge the gap from being a skilled practitioner to being in practice.

Business Skills VSOHA Bodywork Therapy

Self Care

A critical skill in sustaining a long and enjoyable practice as a bodyworker is the ability to take care of yourself. This seminar series will introduce students to the ancient principles of Ayurveda including nutrition, yoga, meditation and pranayama. Students are encouraged to commit to a self care regime for the duration of this demanding program and to develop habits for a long, healthy, happy life. You will learn the art of Ayurvedic Self Care in order to be successful in both your personal life and professional practice – increasing the longevity of your career and enjoying the work that you do.

Self Care VSOHA Bodywork Therapy


This course provides a foundation of understanding the components of ethics. It will include an exploration of common ethical dilemmas which are relevant to bodywork and massage.


Students will receive a Level A certification in CPR.