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Swedish Techniques

Swedish techniques are the basis of the contemporary Western approach to massage. This course includes draping, benefits and contraindications, body mechanics, palpation, and basic strokes (effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration). Students will learn to be precise and thorough in the application of soft tissue massage, while cultivating mindfulness to create a safe, nurturing environment for the client.

Swedish Techniques VSOHA

Deep Tissue

This course introduces the foundational knowledge and skills needed to identify and release tension patterns in connective tissue. Emphasis will be placed on the application of a slow, sensitive and at the same time decisive form of deep touch. Deep Tissue Massage is applied with an understanding of the structural relationships of the major body segments and helps the body’s structure to find an improved postural balance.

Topics include postural analysis, regional assessment, different types of strokes and strategies to release holding patterns, and the biomechanics of working deeply with minimal effort and safety.

Deep Tissue Bodywork Therapy VSOHA

Integrative Bodywork

Integrative Bodywork is the heart of the Bodywork Therapy Program. It is specifically designed to teach students how to integrate all of the different techniques covered during their time at VSOHA. The objectives are to develop intuition around touch, explore creative and effective session design, refine a detail-oriented “spa touch”, and to create smooth transitions from one technique to another. Everything from draping and biomechanics to advanced techniques will be reviewed, fortified and embellished.

Students will begin to approach bodywork as an art form – developing their own unique style and creating both effective and beautiful treatments specific to the individual client’s needs.

Integrative Bodywork Curriculum VSOHA

Sports Massage

The Sports Massage modality familiarises students with the principles and application of stretching in the context of any session and to discover pre-event and post-event Sports Massage techniques. The course focusses on an introduction to techniques and stretches as a way to increase circulation, reduce stiffness, assess and improve flexibility and integrate anatomy learned earlier in the program.

Sports Massage Bodywork Therapy VSOHA

Joint Release

Joint Release is a gentle form of bodywork that facilitates the release of deep-seated physical and mental holding patterns. The method is characterized by gentle shaking, stretching and rhythmic rocking movements, which re-educate the body to experience the possibility of effortless movement. Joint Release can be easily combined with other methods of bodywork, such as Deep Tissue work or Swedish massage.

Joint Release Bodywork Therapy VSOHA

Prenatal Massage

The childbearing year is a time of great change physically, physiologically and emotionally. This course teaches how to safely massage and nurture pregnant women with uncomplicated pregnancies. Students will learn the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, alternatives to client positioning, appropriate draping techniques and proper body mechanics

Prenatal Massage VSOHA