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Releasing Your Hold on Perfection

Kylie Millar’s Journey from Honeymooning to Yoga School

Kylie Millar Yoga Teacher Training After returning from her honeymoon at the end of summer and finding herself in a slow period at work, Pemberton-based Kylie Millar decided to relocate to Vancouver for 6-weeks to do the 200-hour Immersion Yoga Teacher Training

“It was an amazing opportunity that just worked out with my job. They could survive without me in the slow period and my family were very supportive and willing to let me go by myself,” Kylie said.

Kylie always felt an innate ability and passion for teaching but was constricted by the idea that having a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a hard-to-come-by job in the arts field meant there was no room in her life for other teaching pursuits or passions.

“I put myself in a box of what I do and what I’m good at and thought because I didn’t do science or health at school that I couldn’t do anything physical health related.”

Kylie’s husband saw her love of yoga and passion for teaching and suggested a Yoga Teacher Training would be a positive influence on her life, inspiring her to sign up.

“I realised you don’t have to follow the idea that you have to go to university, strive to get that full time job and get married. It doesn’t have to work out like that. You’re an adult and all of the decisions you make are your own!”

Kylie said she was drawn to the school because of its focus on training excellent teachers. “The program focuses on your ability to feel confident as a yoga teacher, it gives you all the tools you need and doesn’t rush through everything. You don’t just say the sequence in order; you know exactly what you’re taking about and how to do adjustments. I left with the skills to know and do whatever I wanted.”

Kylie graduated in October and has begun teaching yoga pro-bono to her friends, family and colleagues in Pemberton and Whistler. She encourages those taking a yoga teacher training to jump at any opportunity to teach somebody outside the classroom.

“If you’re working with beginner students they might not know the pose names so you have to rely on succinct language to guide them through the asana,” Kylie said.

When teaching – whether that be art or yoga – Kylie always aims to find moments in the room to make people laugh and relax. “Artwork, including yoga is an expression of yourself. You don’t need to be able to draw a perfect portrait. As a teacher I try and get students to let go of their hold on perfection.”

Kylie is now looking for a new way to combine yoga and artwork in a community based program that combines creativity, physical movement and art making.

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