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Alexis Venn – Student Story

Alexis Venn is an artist, trained yoga teacher, breathwork enthusiast and soon to be certified bodyworker. After attending high school in West Vancouver, Alexis relocated to Vancouver Island where she completed a psychology degree at the University of Victoria.

The learning experience left her wanting more, so after some travel, she decided to enrol in a Yoga Teacher Training program in the Bahamas. “The training was a wake-up call; a mind-expanding experience,” Alexis said. “It wasn’t your typical training. We were learning in a different way and for the first time I was seeing the world in a completely different way.”

Upon returning to the island, she completed a breathwork training, a practice which she says has become her true passion. “It really lights up my life, it’s extremely transformational but it’s one of those things that is hard to describe.”

Alexis found that the subjective nature of the breathwork experience meant there was a level of hesitation for many people to dive into that realm of work. “I wanted to have a language that was more commonly spoken and thought massage would be that.”

She initially signed up for an RMT program, but a week before felt something wasn’t right. “I had a meltdown and panicked, and I’m really happy that I did.”

After a visit to the school, she realised bodywork was a better fit for her. “Seeing the energy of the space and the brick walls, it felt thick and less clinical. I thought this is so up my alley. I’m just going to dive in and see what happens!”

Now half way through the 18-week full time Spa Therapy program, Alexis says she was surprised by the program, which has changed her opinion on what a spa is. “It’s like this big judgement cloud has lifted. I’m realizing a spa doesn’t have to be a hoity-toity, rich people, cruise-ship thing. Spas can be beautiful holistic healing spaces.”

Alexis Venn Bodywork and Massage student

Highlights of the program so far for Alexis include Body-Mind, Aromatherapy and Joint Release. “Right now my life is being lit up by Glynnis Osher and Aromatherapy. She is such a wonder woman and I adore essential oils! I also really loved Joint Release with Marie Salton; it’s a really beautiful, fluid modality that I didn’t know existed!”

Thinking back to the learnings from her psychology degree, Alexis said “All the teachers have really blown me out of the water, they don’t just spew out information and expect you to remember, they read the room.”

After finishing the program, Alexis hopes to work in a spa to gain some experience and dreams of having her own space that blends art and massage. “I want to intermingle these creative worlds together and have an art studio where there’s also a space to do bodywork.”