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5 Heartwarming Winter Yoga Practices

Article by Rebekka Walker

This time of year can be challenging for many of us. The busy-ness of the season combined with the shortened daylight hours can leave us feeling dried out and depleted. The key to keeping things warm and light during your wind up to winter holidays is to slow down and focus more on what your body/mind/heart are probably already asking for: nourishment, softness, warmth and rest. Below are five winter practices to help to keep your heart fire alight in the weeks to come.

1. Slow moving Asana: think sun salutations in slow motion. Build warmth gradually and allow your bodymind the luxury of sloooowing down.

2. Inversions: headstand and shoulderstand (and any of their variations) are beautiful practices this time of year to move lethargy, warm the soul and settle the nervous system.

3. Twists: wring out our tendency to over indulge this time of year with stablized and seated twists.

4. Strong breathwork: soothe frayed nerves with long Ujayi breaths, then allow your breath to become a salve for your energetic system with practices like Breath of Joy and Kappalabhati.

5. Concious Rest: even if it’s just five minutes, get cozy and prop yourself into your favourite restorative pose and give yourself the gift of breathing into those deeper spaces.Fundamentally this season is our opportunity to settle into ourselves, through careful attention and the soul warming nourishment of good company.

With blessings for the holidays

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