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Prem Kaur – Student Story

Prem Kaur - Student Story Prem Kaur, scholarship student in the 240-hour Yoga Teacher Training shares her thoughts on the program ahead of graduating on January 26.

How did you find the program?

Honestly, it was life changing. I knew it would be, but not to this extent. You think, ‘I’ll just come and study and that’s it’. But I wasn’t expecting to build such solid relationships.

Our class only has 12 people, I feel really lucky. It has become a family. For the first time in a very long time I feel accepted for who I am, and I think everybody feels the same way.

What about the curriculum?

In terms of the course material, it was beyond my expectations. The faculty is so well-rounded. They have so much experience and they teach in such an unbiased and inclusive manner. It allows you to formulate your own opinions, techniques and teaching strategy. They aren’t cloning similar types of instructors and you aren’t being told “this is how you have to teach”. When we all graduate we’ll all have our own style, method and individual types of classes.

What made you want to study yoga and become a teacher?

I was a yoga practitioner and for me, that was enough for a very long time. However, I’ve always felt a need to be in service for others. When I saw my husband Jai take on the role of a yoga instructor, responsible for the wellbeing of his students in class, it inspired me. The community at our yoga studio Jai Yoga is really growing and I felt there was something more I could do to be of service to our community alongside him.

Were there any challenges in the program?

What was powerful for me was the destruction of self-beliefs that were no longer serving. I remember the day we were taught how to do handstands against the wall, I was so terrified and stuck in my beliefs. I thought, “I can never do this. This is not what my body was made to do.” Everybody in the room was doing a beautiful handstand against the wall and I was in a child’s pose thinking “This is what I get for doing a Yoga Teacher Training!”

The faculty increases your confidence and helps you create positive empowering beliefs about yourself, so I surprised myself. The next weekend Rebekka was instructing forearm stand against the wall and next thing you know I’m doing an L stand with my forearms on the ground against the wall. I was like “How did I get here?”. It was a big breakthrough moment early on in the program when I realised these beliefs I have about myself are not true.

Prem describes her unique teaching style as calming and restoring, with a quiet inner power. She is looking forward to taking Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Fundamentals and Level 2 at VSOHA and teaching a New Moon Workshop on February 23 at Jai Yoga Studio.

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