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Wellbranding Workshop – Coming to VSOHA

Wellbranding-Workshop-Glynnis-Osher Glynnis Osher’s trademark Wellbranding Workshop will be offered at VSOHA for the first time this spring. The workshop is designed for wellness practitioners to align their professional goals with a deeper life purpose.

“The most exciting part for me is watching people go from being stuck, confused or scared about the idea of branding, to confidently being able to communicate their gifts to their audience through meaningful marketing and beautiful branding,” Glynnis said.

Instructor Glynnis Osher

The workshop is a culmination of Glynnis’ life’s work. Before taking a “left turn” into a career as a wellness entrepreneur, teacher and practitioner, Glynnis spent 20+ years working as a creative art director, graphic designer and advertising professional.

“As I went into my wellness career, I brought the beauty of design with me. I feel very blessed with the gift of this knowledge.” Glynnis is uniquely positioned to be of service to a broad range of people in the wellness industry. As well as teaching Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy and Self Care at VSOHA, and maintaining a private practice, she also has experience launching product lines, publishing books, creating and running online courses, exotic retreats, and more!

“It’s truly of benefit to the world that wellness practitioners can communicate their offerings in a way that not only feels aligned for them but also attracts their unique audience.”

What is Wellbranding?

The wellbranding process involves creating and working with colour-boards, symbol and logo storyboards and brand mantras (taglines). Students will develop strategic business plans and creative brand outlines.

“There is a transformation that happens in the weekend workshop, even if you come in without any clarity. Some people aren’t even sure what they are offering, so we address all of that,” Glynnis said.

“My main goal is that every single person leaves knowing the direction they want to go and with the tools to make it happen.”

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