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Principles of Practice

Excellent teaching is founded in dedicated practice over a long period of time. Supported by an elegant system of biomechanics and a workshop style approach, asana classes will focus on skillful embodiment of technique, including primarily clarity of foundation and form in all pose families. Teachers in training will also learn mantra, kriya, mudra and meditation practices to further explore their inner landscape, increase their experience of these both traditional and accessible techniques, and to share their teachings from the seat of direct experience.

Teaching Methodology

This training’s central focus is on unearthing your most authentic voice, deepening your experience, and clarifying your path as a career yoga teacher. Teaching exercises will work on polishing your observation skills, teaching voice, teaching to all levels, and addressing common misalignments and therapeutic concerns with increased precision of both verbal and physical assists. Learn to address structural alignment in a room of one or fifty students. Through increased understanding of bio-mechanics, refined and creative approaches to class-building and sequencing, mindfulness of language, and diversification of skills, teachers will leave this training more confident in their ability to offer superior and inspired yoga instruction.

Anatomy & Physiology

Knowing why yoga “works” is the question answered by looking at anatomy in function within the yoga practices; to understand its effects from the outermost layer of the body to its most subtle realm. This training will increase your understanding and passion for the muscular and skeletal structures of the body, and go significantly deeper into yoga’s application within the respiratory and circulatory, and nervous systems, including looking at the bodily effects of pranayama and meditation. We will explore the chakra system, and its applications to the psychology of daily life. Upon completion of this training, students will have an enriched understanding of the body and its functions, knowing how to teach with increased attention to therapeutic needs, sensitivity to the energy body and more confidence with alignment instruction.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics for Yoga Teachers

The why determines the how. Knowing the intention behind a teaching or the context in which a practice was developed directly influences the way it is taught and the way it is lived. Through lectures, presentations, journaling exercises and contemplation, we will dive deeper into yoga history and the roots of yoga practices, including critical contemplation on what it means to live a “yogic” lifestyle. We will also explore the richness of Tantric mythology and its cast of deities and symbols, illuminating the power of archetype, and allegory, to inform and inspire our teaching. Upon completion of this training, teachers will have the tools to teach with a balance of reverence, understanding and knowledge of yoga tradition and the ability to articulate and weave both fundamental and esoteric teachings within the context of modern living and into any teaching environment.

Business of Yoga

Develop the business side to your teaching career with the tools to remain anchored in your unique skills and message with a sense of integrity and the awareness required to remain professionally relevant in competitive industry. This course will cover how to integrate a productive business practice into your habits including a professional mind-set, marketing tools, promotional skills including creative use of social media and website building, branding, and simple, productive tools for the day-to-day management of being an independent contractor and maintaining a yoga business. A career in yoga can take a multitude of shapes – from teaching public classes, operating a studio, to niche markets, online yoga businesses, teacher training faculty, and beyond. This course will touch on each aspect of the yoga industry and educate teachers in how to create a business that that suits them personally and professionally.

Practice Class

Throughout this training, teachers will practice teaching, in small and large groups on a daily basis. They will be working closely with their peers and facilitators not only in supporting better teaching but also enhanced skill with giving, receiving and applying feedback. Students will teach a 30 minute mini class and a 75-90 minute final class.

This program has been approved by the Registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.