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280 – 1125 Howe St

Ben became the new co-owner of VSOHA in June 2020.  HBen Collinge is ready to focus his 20 years of leadership and management experience, in working dynamically with various individuals and groups, to expand VSOHA’s transformative offerings. Ben feels he will achieve extraordinary results while building morale and passion among all stakeholders.

Ben is a keen believer in the great potential that exists within every individual, and loves working with individuals to unlock and unleash their potential for causes that make a difference in the world.

Sam Issari VSOHA Owner and Managing Director Sam was the previous owner of VSOHA. He was drawn to the healing energy of the space and the human element of VSOHA that is often absent in other industries. Sam has a background in health and sport supplements and comes from a successful career in sales and marketing, most recently in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

He is passionate about working with the school’s dedicated instructors to deliver high quality education to students at all stages of the healing journey. Sam believes in the transformational power of the healing arts and in his spare time enjoys many outdoor pursuits including skiing, volleyball and swimming.

Sam’s office is located at the VSOHA campus and students and staff are encouraged to utilize his open door policy should they have any questions or concerns about their program or the school.

Ribeka who is originally from Kenya has diverse experience working in the hospitality, event and education industry.

Ribeka has previously focused in international markets creating relations with both agents and students. She enjoys connecting with people from various backgrounds and believes that everyone has a story to tell.