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What to Look for When Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training School

There are so many options for yoga teacher training in today’s world, making it hard to know what to look for when choosing a program. At the Vancouver School of Healing Arts, we want to make sure that your dreams aren’t put on hold when you feel overwhelmed by all the choices available to you. For over fifteen years, we have dedicated ourselves to seeing students succeed in their dream careers.

VSOHA is one of the only certified institutions with the Ministry of Advanced Education, making it a reputable option for anyone looking to pursue a rewarding career in the healing arts. Care, compassion and assistance are unparalleled values at our school, upheld by the rigorous standards we put in place for courses. There are some key details to look for when choosing a yoga teacher training course, so read on to learn our top tips for making your selection.

Why You Need Practical Experience for a Successful Yoga Teacher Career

Practical training is one of the most important aspects of a training course. If you’re looking to become a certified instructor with diversified teaching skills, then practical, hands-on training is essential. This will ensure that you improve your employment options through experience with multiple teaching styles that will help you fit seamlessly into any facility you would like to work at as a yoga teacher.

Our yoga teacher training combines online and in-person training components that allow students to earn the Worldwide Yoga Alliance certification. Moving forward in your yoga teacher career, you will be experienced enough to teach classes both in-person and remotely due to the extensive practice you will have received throughout your program at VSOHA. 

yoga teacher career
A successful yoga teacher career is built on the foundation of in-depth and hands-on training experience

Look for Flexible Schedules in Your Program to Suit Your Lifestyle

Flexible scheduling is key when finding the right program for your busy schedule. Flexible scheduling when attending yoga teacher training school is imperative to reduce stress, improve focus and increase enjoyment. At VSOHA, we understand that above all, you want to enjoy the learning process and thrive in a supportive and engaging environment. 

The 240-hour Enriched program that we offer takes place just two to three evenings per week online, with 1-1.5 on-ground days of training on the weekend. Additionally, our alignment-based Hatha Vinyasa training prepares our students to adapt their teaching to a variety of demographics, styles, skill levels and scenarios – in-studio, online or one-on-one.

A Comprehensive Curriculum That Prepares You for Life After Training

Our instructors want to see all of their students succeed in their yoga teacher training and beyond. That requires a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on building important real-world skills that will help you step up to the plate when your career demands it. 

From covering the basics of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, conscious breathing and teaching methodologies to the philosophy and history of yoga, the business of yoga and subtle bodies, you will complete your training at VSOHA as a well-rounded, knowledgeable and certified instructor. This intensive training will prepare you for whichever career path you decide to pursue.

yoga teacher training certificate
A comprehensive curriculum helps students establish a well-rounded understanding of teaching methods, anatomy and business practices

Choose Funding Options That Make Financing Your Program Easier

Financing is an important part of the journey to your dream career. Finding an option that works for you and your situation is essential to feeling confident in your decision to pursue your passion. VSOHA offers interest-free payment options that are a great choice for anyone looking to spread out their payments to make life easier.

Additionally, eligible VSOHA students qualify for both provincial and federal student loans when needed. This is unique to VSOHA and not available to many other yoga training facilities. With the added security of student protection under the Student Tuition Protection Fund, you can feel confident in your investment in yourself and your future.

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