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Exploring Bodywork Therapy Training? 3 Reasons to Consider the Program at VSOHA!

The Bodywork Therapy program at VSOHA offers career-focused training for individuals to learn techniques in bodywork and massage. The program covers a multitude of spa practices designed to restore the health and wellbeing of clients. On a deeper level, bodywork therapy is a way for both clients and practitioners to explore their own understanding of the body and how we communicate within ourselves. It aims to remedy the connection between mind and body and develop an awareness of our physical and emotional patterns. In a supportive learning environment, students at VSOHA develop strong foundational skills and find confidence in themselves as practitioners. Here’s a closer look at what bodywork therapy training at VSOHA has to offer! 

Dive Into a Range of Disciplines 

At its heart, bodywork therapy is an evolving practice. It’s about listening to the client and applying techniques in a more personalized way to address any concerns around their health and wellbeing. Our new reflexology teacher and an alumnus of VSOHA, Rebecca Lash, discussed the approach that bodywork therapy takes to individual healing. “Bodywork starts with a connection between practitioner and client,” says Rebecca. “We listen to them not only verbally but through their tissues.” 

Bodywork therapy training at VSOHA takes a uniquely holistic approach. The curriculum delivers a strong foundation in the human sciences and manual skills, before delving into the most popular spa modalities and techniques in modern practices. “Each session becomes something different,” adds Rebecca. “You start a treatment and all of a sudden you realize there is deeply held emotion in their neck or hip. We create space for clients to make those physical connections to their body.” Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, students develop kinesthetic awareness of the human body and its various systems. 

Bodywork therapy training blends human science with popular spa techniques

Develop Career-Ready Skills

The goal of bodywork massage school is to prepare students for a career that is aligned with their skills and interests. “Each skill builds upon the other,” says Rebecca. “The foundational skill you learn is the Swedish massage and from there, you fill out your practice with deep tissue massage. This is complemented by a great foundation on anatomy, which is extremely important if you’re trying to locate pain in clients.” 

Students at VSOHA have the chance to apply their skills to work with the public during Student Clinic. This is designed to offer students practical experience while giving them the confidence to apply their skills immediately and competently upon graduation. From ski resorts and spas to clinical settings and private practices, each student graduates with a different idea of what a career in bodywork therapy looks like. “Not only do you get employed right away, but it feels like the most important foundational step in a journey that unfolds each year,” says Rebecca on the course at VSOHA. “My particular practice is constantly evolving. I’ve taken so many courses after because it has lit a fire inside of me.”

Graduates can explore work in spas, clinical settings, private practices, and more

An Invaluable Life Experience at Bodywork Massage School

Bodywork therapy training is not only a way to better the lives of clients; it offers a truly rewarding and transformative experience for the practitioner. “I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to have the opportunity to help people on a level I didn’t think was possible,” says Rebecca. “My self-confidence has really improved.” 

In a supportive and fun learning space, students are encouraged to test their skills and develop confidence in their approach. “At times it felt awkward in the course of body-mind,” explained Rebecca. “It challenged me to let go of insecurity, to face some inner fears and really step into trusting myself, my intuition, and my skills. It allowed me to show up in my life in a more authentic way – not only as a practitioner but as who I am walking in the world.” 

Upon graduating, students will have the knowledge and conviction to design a career that brings value to their own lives and the lives of others. 

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