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How to Succeed as a Student While Training For Your Yoga Therapy Certificate

Earning a yoga therapy certification is a great way to empower both yourself and your clients. The Vancouver School of Healing Arts offers three yoga therapy training programs: Foundations of Yoga Therapy, Advanced Yoga Therapy and IAYT Yoga Therapy certification. Each program aims to equip you with the techniques needed to promote individual healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 

Making the most of your training is about approaching classes with a mindset that is open to personal growth. As you expand your knowledge of anatomy, physiology, mind-body psychology and ancient Eastern Yogic practices, you’ll grow and learn in whole new ways. Read on for some advice from our Program Director, Chelsea Lee, on how students at VSOHA can excel in their yoga therapy training. 

Make the Most of Your Instructors

The yoga therapy program at VSOHA is able to deliver a high-quality education due in large part to the wonderful dedication and care of our professional instructors. Our faculty is comprised of a diverse group of healthcare and wellness experts, including yoga therapists, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists (RMTs) and manual therapists. These instructors care deeply about the progress of their students, delivering program options to suit their individual skill levels and goals. 

According to VSOHA’s Yoga Therapy Program Director, Chelsea Lee, students should take advantage of this valuable resource. “Ensure that you communicate with your instructors if you need more support, whether that’s tutoring, extensions or time out of class,” says Chelsea. In a safe and inclusive environment, your instructors are there to create a learning experience that is tailored to your needs. At the same time, Chelsea recommends having “a good network of support around you, including friends and family.”

Yoga therapy training
Your instructors at yoga therapy school are your best resources

Be Open to Change During Your Yoga Therapy Training

At its core, yoga therapy is about working towards growth on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. This can only be achieved by being open to change. Part of becoming a successful yoga therapy instructor involves practicing what you preach. “While training to become a yoga therapist, you are in the process of experiencing yoga therapy yourself,” says Chelsea. “This means that your perspectives and beliefs may shift; you’ll wake up to various mechanisms you may have relied on to cope that no longer serve you…all of this can create a sense of unravelling as you begin to form yourself in a new version of yourself.” 

The yoga therapy program at VSOHA offers students a unique exposure to a variety of demographics, styles and skill levels. A curiosity to learn for the sake of both yourself and your clients will serve you well in that context. According to Chelsea, “a deep connection to their own personal yoga and self-care practices” and “a desire to continue growing as a practitioner” are some qualities that can help students succeed in yoga therapy school.

Yoga therapy certificate
An open mindset can help you embrace challenges and advance your skillset

Perseverance Is Key 

Determination is a defining characteristic of VSOHA’s yoga therapy graduates. The program offers a holistic approach to therapy to deepen yoga teachers’ knowledge, enabling them to create individualized plans as well as therapeutic yoga classes. It’s important to remember that “this can be challenging and confronting work,” says Chelsea. “Recognize that not everything will land right away…this is a long journey of learning and you’ll integrate various elements of this practice as you’re ready.” 

Knowing this going into yoga therapy training can prepare students to adopt the right mindset when faced with any setbacks. By accepting the challenge, you can find even greater satisfaction in pushing yourself and your abilities to new levels. “Like anything worth doing, it will take consistent effort, patience and compassion,” adds Chelsea. With the right attitude and resources, graduates will feel confident applying their skills in private practices, integrated clinics, treatment centres and more. 

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