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Empowering Pregnancy with Prenatal Yoga

“I never intended to work with pregnant women,” says Janice Clarfield, internationally renowned Prenatal Yoga expert.

“It was when some of my yoga students became pregnant, I had an immediate instinct that they needed something very special, where the entire class was dedicated and the language was devoted to this transformational time in their life. I wasn’t satisfied with them being in class, wondering if they were safe and what modification to use.”

This instinct and intention has inspired Janice’s life work for the last 25 years. Based in Vancouver, Janice has travelled the globe, training professionals to work with pregnant women and expectant couples. She sits on the Prenatal Yoga Advisory Committee for Yoga Alliance, USA, has authored a study guide for Prenatal Yoga teachers and has recorded a CD for pregnancy and birth preparation.

Janice’s intention is to create conditions for women and couples to empower themselves to face their fears and to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy so that the next generation may be birthed with wisdom, compassion, health and joy in the face of what she describes as an often ‘over-medicalized’ conventional birthing culture.

“My approach is holistic, it’s not just about yoga posture. It’s about developing the relationship with baby who is ever evolving in consciousness while in utero. It’s about cultivating the calm, strength and courage to face the heroic and mysterious journey of birth. New moms tell me that the Prenatal Yoga class was the most precious time of their pregnancy, connecting with their baby and creating community with other pregnant women.” Janice said.

From November 8 – 11, Janice will be teaching a 30 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training & Certification for Conscious and Sacred Birthing. The 30 hours may be applied to Yoga Alliance CEU’s.

The program is designed for yoga teachers or teachers in training and professionals working with pregnant women who have an established yoga practice. Professionals include, doulas, midwives, nurses, doctors, childbirth educators, massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc.

Participants will become confident to address the therapeutic needs of women at all stages of pregnancy with yoga and modifications, and can expect to complete the program with a holistic approach.

Pregnant women of all backgrounds are also welcome and encouraged to attend. Upon completion of the program, pregnant women can expect to feel empowered and informed about their pregnancy and confident about birthing as consciously, naturally, actively and normally as possible.

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