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Combining Motherhood and Yoga Teacher Training

Emilie Jean-Ruel YTT After having two kids, Émilie Jean-Ruel experienced a dramatic shift in perspective. Holding a Bachelor of Commerce, and a Master of Science and Administration with a specialization in Finance and Marketing, Émilie’s work in marketing research consulting was very focussed on numbers, performance and results.

“I decided to become a stay-at-home mom to enjoy that short period of time in my life that goes so quickly. All my friends and family were so surprised because for me, it was going off the beaten track.”

Émilie wanted to offer her family a balanced lifestyle with more mindfulness, slow living and minimalism; values that she feels fit very nicely with the practice of yoga.

“I had dreamed of doing a yoga teacher training for many years and my expectations were very high. I knew I would love it but to be honest, the training at VSOHA is beyond my expectations. I’m even more passionate about it than I thought I would be, if that’s even possible!

Émilie is now halfway through her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and describes the program as solid, well-structured and comprehensive. “We cover a lot of material but it’s presented so intelligently that it’s really digestible. We learn in a very organic way and every day we make links with a previous concept we have learned. Like the pieces of a big puzzle fitting together.”

Coming from a rational, scientific background, Émilie said the rigour of the program was important to her. She was curious about how the Eastern perspective, including the Indian mythology, elemental wisdom and Ayurveda would be taught.

“I’m so enchanted with this aspect of the program. It’s been a really nice discovery for me. The yoga history and philosophy is presented with precision, respect and sensibility. It’s well explained, documented and down to earth. It really resonates with me.”

Émilie said she took the training as a personal challenge. “For me it wasn’t so much about becoming a yoga teacher, I just wanted to broaden my horizons and take my passion to another level.” She had hoped to deepen her practice and gain a better understanding of the poses and the benefits, not expecting the other benefits that have come with the training.

“I have the feeling that this inspiring training is going to help me live a more beautiful and fulfilling life with more harmony, balance and depth. Initially I saw this as the last step in my yoga journey, like doing your black belt in karate, but I’m discovering it’s only the tip of the iceberg.”

Émilie is hoping to do VSOHA’s 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in 2020 and is now considering teaching on a volunteer basis with children, pregnant women and young mothers.

“I did a lot of yoga while I was pregnant and after I gave birth. It was such a powerful tool for me to be grounded and be a more conscious mother. I’d like to give back to other mothers and help them like it’s helped me.”

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