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5 Spring Yoga Practices

Article by Rebekka Walker

Spring Yoga Practices_VSOHA We are in the midst of the season of birth, new beginnings, renewal, and growth—a time for the earth to make manifest the potential within all things: trees flowering, insects buzzing, leaves unfurling. And despite sometimes feeling separate from the natural world, we are actually still deeply affected by this potent clearing and growing around us. This spring clearing doesn’t just apply to our home spaces, we can also align with the renewing spirit of this season with some simple practices from yoga and ayurveda (the yogic system of holistic vitality). This time of year our physiology senses a natural opportunity for a fresh, clean start; our bodies are primed to lighten things up, cleanse ourselves of any accumulated imbalances, and rejuvenate our deepest tissues. Below are 5 practices combining yoga and Ayurveda to help to clear out that which isn’t serving you, to make space for the flowering of what will.

1. Spring out of bed

Waking before 7am this time of year is one of the best tools we have to balance any excess winter lethargy, and exercising in the morning is perfect for this time of year, as it helps to excite your circulation and gives your immunity a boost right at the beginning of the day.

2. Salute the sun

For thousands of years yogis have used sun salutations to align the powers of breath with movement. These flowing and heat building series’ are ideal for warming up to the longer days of the season.

3. Lighten up at mealtime

A spring diet calls for more bitter, spicy, and astringent flavours These help to support the process of elimination in the body. In order to clear winter mucus and moisture from the body, avoid overly sweet, sour, and salty foods (which can cause retention). Favour warm, lightly cooked meals, and eat lighter meals, more often.

4. Open your heart

Add some heart opening practices to your day to day. Whether physically through a backbends practice (Three to try are Bridge, Wheel and Camel Pose) or through time spent out in nature with friends and family, this is the time of the year to open up the doorway of the heart.

5. Clear some space for the new

Take a look at what has accumulated as unnecessary in your life, in your home and in relationship. Let go of the old, and welcome in the new. Whether this is spring cleaning your closet, decluttering your office drawers or inviting spontaneity back into your love life, this is the season to clear our what no longer serves and tend to that which does.

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