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Preventing Emergencies with Aromatherapy

At the end of May, the Vancouver School of Healing Arts will be launching its first ever online learning experience, led by The Spice Mistress, Glynnis Osher. In ‘Aroma 911’ students will be guided, step-by-step, through the best practices to create a clear understanding of aromatherapy for their home aroma-pharmacy, emergency situations, emergency prevention, and for personal self-care.

“Emergency aromatherapy covers physical injuries such as burns, bruises and bug bites, but also emotional emergencies such as panic attacks, anxiety and depression,” Glynnis said. “But the thing I’m most interested in, is the prevention of emergencies through daily self-care practices.”

In the course, Glynnis will share seasonal recipes and remedies for oil diffusions, balms, scrubs, masks and massage oils that address body, mind, emotions and spirit. “Seasonal self care is a big part of preventing emergencies. I bring a wealth of Ayurvedic knowledge into the course, which ties into this seasonal wisdom,” Glynnis said.

With spring upon us, Glynnis suggests using essential oils that are pungent and energizing to reduce the heavy kapha earth and water qualities that usually result in an accumulation of congestion in the lungs. This can help prevent spring colds, coughs, fatigue and so on. “It’s always best to prepare for the season before it happens. By applying the appropriate Aroma 911 practices early, we not only prevent the seasonal maladies but also support ourselves throughout the season,” Glynnis said.

Glynnis has been teaching at Vancouver School of Healing Arts (formerly the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage) for over eight years. “I truly get inspired teaching aroma at VSOHA. Many students who take the aroma course in Bodywork Therapy get drawn in by the beauty of aromatherapy and want to learn how to apply it both in their professional practices and their every day self care practices.”

The accessible, concise course will be taught online using videos, audio slides and downloadable resources including an ‘aroma bible’ outlining the therapeutic benefit profiles of 38 essential oils and their primary uses in first aid emergencies and self-care practices.

“I love the online platform because learners can go at their own pace, delve deeper into content in their own time and come back to the modules in different seasons of their lives. It also encourages you to build your own aroma apothecary at home. As students start to collect, build and grow their own aroma kits it really becomes an online learning experience rather than just an online course.”

Another component of the course will be the online community – a private Facebook group that only members of Aroma 911 can access. “It gives students a whole new community and platform to learn from others, ask questions, share recipes and connect with me as the facilitator. People will feel really supported while they do the course,” Glynnis said.

In the Facebook community, Glynnis will be sharing additional recipes and video content including demonstrations of her making new potions and lotions relevant for the current season. “I’ve been working with Ayurveda and aromatherapy for over 18 years and it’s been a lifesaver for me,” Glynnis said. “It’s up-levelled my health, transformed my lifestyle, and brought me through surgeries, depression, and unexpected events. I can’t wait to share this knowledge with the world.”

Glynnis says there is a deep science behind this powerful aromatic healing art and she is looking forward to helping students delve into that in a way that will make it inspiring and immediately applicable.

Aroma 911 will be launched at the end of May, 2018.

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