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An Abundance of Opportunities

Bianca Lorage – Student Story

Bianca Lorage Spa Therapy Student Since graduating from Simon Fraser University in 2015 with a degree in Psychology and Sustainable Development, Port Moody local Bianca Lorage said she really didn’t know what she wanted to do.

After traveling for a stint and doing a Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica, she returned to Vancouver and landed a job with the Surrey School District as an Outreach Worker. Bianca worked in the school system to support at risk youth and their families by running initiatives like free after school programs, breakfast programs and connecting families to resources within the community.

“I felt really lucky to be part of that team and in the position I was in. I saw the impact my role had on the kids I worked with how and much it was needed. It can be incredibly challenging work, but watching kids you work with come so far is one of the best feelings. Yet, I knew that for me, there was more learning to be done, and I hadn’t quite found my niche yet.” Bianca said.

Knowing she wanted to work in the wellness industry, she began to look into Spa Therapy as she valued both being part of a community and working one-on-one. She said, “Looking back now,everything seems to make sense and all the schooling and experiences I have had until this point, are beginning to intertwine.”

Since starting the 18-week Spa Therapy Program in September 2017 she has studied several modalities including Swedish Massage, Joint Release, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy.

Bianca Lorage Spa Therapy Bodywork and Massage

“Now that we have a few modalities under our belts I really love using Integrative Bodywork to weave it all together. It’s so amazing to see the work of my classmates now and how we can really infuse our personalities into a treatment,” she said.

Bianca is set to graduate in January 2018 and says she is already overwhelmed with all of the opportunities available to her. “I can’t decide what I want to do after the program! It’s an amazing feeling to have countless opportunities at your fingertips. I feel grateful that self-care practices have become increasingly more sought after, and that with our skills from the program, we will be able to help people in their path to wellness,” she said.

Follow Bianca’s journey on Instagram, @thenomadicbodyworker.