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  • VSOHA may approve transfer credits by formal submission to the Admissions Director

  • Each request will be forwarded to the Program Director for review.

  • VSOHA requires proof of completion (certification or transcript), to consider approving transfer credits.

  • The program/course syllabus is required & is reviewed by the Program Director to ensure the learning & course objectives meet IAYT competencies

  • Students must challenge and complete all quizzes, tests, practical evaluations and assessments to show competency.

  • A minimum mark of 65% is required in prior training.

  • A minimum mark of 65% is required in challenged assessments.

  • All assessments must be completed.

  • Once transfer credits have been approved:

    • The student may still choose to audit any specific module within the course, or the entire course.

    • If a student chooses not to audit any part of the course, a credit for tuition associated with the course is applied to program fees.

    • The Program Director will make any decisions regarding how a student will audit.

  • If certain competencies have not been met, students will receive partial transfer
    credit and be required to attend specific sections of the course.

  • Approved transfer hours may not exceed 300 hrs of the total in class hours. This 300 hours may be applied to any course of the program so long as the criteria for transferring credits has been met (as outlined above).

  • Prerequisite hours (200 hour teacher training, 1 year personal practice and 1 year teaching experience) may not be applied as transfer hours.

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