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Why 2021 May be the Best Year Ever to Pursue Yoga Teacher Training

As we continue to navigate 2021 in the wake of the global pandemic, it’s a pretty fair statement to say that people are feeling more stressed than ever before. Between real job losses or threats to job security resulting from the crisis, compounded by the stress of social distancing, quarantining measures, travel restrictions, and fears over the virus itself, it’s not much of a surprise to hear that the demand for mental health services is expected to rise dramatically across Canada this year.

Quite aware of this impact, many Canadians have been proactive in improving their own wellbeing by pursuing activities that may reduce stress and anxiety. One of those activities is yoga, well documented in research for its calming effects and health benefits. A greater number of practitioners means a greater demand for qualified trainers—making 2021 a fantastic year to become a certified instructor!

Both New and Seasoned Practitioners Will be Looking for Instructors

The reason so many people have been turning to yoga to alleviate the stress of the last year, is because they’re already well aware of the activity’s reputation as a highly effective method for improving both physical and mental health. Even people who have never tried yoga before are likely to have heard about its calming benefits and its recommended practice for managing stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. 

With this knowledge in mind, the world of yoga post-pandemic has already seen many new fans starting the practice. After possibly tinkering with yoga at home with random online videos, many are likely to now be on the lookout for personal guidance from committed, certified teachers who have knowledge and technique gained from yoga teacher training to help them improve their skills. Seasoned practitioners may also wish to switch up their yoga approach this year, as they look to broaden the benefits that can be gained from the ancient practice as a coping mechanism to handle the stress of the last year. This means possibly finding a new teacher, who has been trained in the type of approach to the practice they seek—meaning even more demand and opportunities for yoga instructors in 2021. 

Practitioners Will be Looking for Yoga Training How They Want It

Along with the surge in demand for yoga instruction in conjunction with pandemic restrictions, many Canadians will also be looking to receive yoga lessons how they want them. For many, that will mean having the option to take lessons in the safety and comfort of their own homes. As a result, people will be seeking online instruction from yoga teachers who have learned the most efficient and up-to-date techniques at a yoga teacher training school.

Practitioners seeking live online instruction will look for teachers skilled in the format

Practitioners at all skill levels will also still wish to take in-person lessons, although more people may seek private one-on-one lessons than before to reduce exposure to the virus. Many will still be yearning for the group lesson experience as well, likely to soon ramp up normal operations again in line with national vaccination scheduling efforts. With these various instruction styles and options as possible areas of demand, the teachers who have been trained to instruct in all of the above stand to be at an employment advantage in the near future and well beyond.

How the VSOHA Yoga Teacher Training Program Creates Adaptable & Versatile Instructors 

To meet the demand for the type of lessons yoga fans are seeking in 2021, the teachers who stand to be the most successful are those who can offer a diversified skill set and a range of training options. With these key aspects in mind, the Vancouver School of Healing Arts (VSOHA) guides its teacher trainees to be able to teach to a variety of demographics, styles, and skill levels, and for all scenarios – in a studio, online, or one-on-one. 

Grads of VSOHA’s teacher training program learn how to instruct in a studio, online, or one-on-one

VSOHA yoga teachers-in-training receive invaluable practices in technique from renowned yoga teachers at the school. They are also exposed to an instruction approach that combines the tradition of yoga with evidence-based, scientific understanding of the body-mind connection. 

Through this unique VSOHA teaching methodology, students can expect to graduate from the program with the up-to-date, diverse skill set needed to meet the demand for a certain type of yoga teacher in 2021—one who is not only confident and skilled in the practice of yoga, but who can also be an inspirational guide in these challenging times. 

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