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Continued Journey

The Summer is almost over, and we are (believe it or not) Sam Issari and Ben Colling-VSOHA moving into the fall! What happens in fall? Many North Americans begin new careers or upgrade their education by going to school. This is no different where every fall many students enroll in our Yoga Teacher Training program, our Bodywork Therapy & Massage program, or our Yoga Therapy program.

Only this year looks different!

Over our 15-year history, the Vancouver School of Healing Arts has always adapted to change. This year, amidst COVID-19 and other world challenges, we are working to ensure our students are prepared for both the challenges and the opportunities these times bring to us.


We have gained experience in helping our students gain online experience when all our courses shifted online in March. This helped us understand how we can utilize online to better prepare our students for today’s needs.

As a result, we are proud to announce that on OCTOBER 14th, 2020 our first BLENDED 240-Hour Enriched Yoga-Teacher-Training program will commence! We are already accepting applications and are waiving the application fee for all applicants that apply before September 01st.

In this Blended format students will study two evenings per week online and just 1 or 1.5 days in-person each weekend. To register for this program or for more information, you may submit an application here or send an email to

In January, we will be starting our new Blended Bodywork Therapy & Massage program and our new Blended Yoga Therapy program. In each of these programs, students will have the ability to study online for their theoretical and philosophical components and in-person for physical components.


In June we joined forces with Rhodes Wellness College. Rhodes has been around for 25 years and is a leader in life coach and counselling training. We now operate under one roof so that our students can work together in the pursuit of helping others feel better physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.


We have exercised extreme caution to ensure our campus is as safe as it possibly can be. Multiple sanitization stations are spread throughout the campus and we maintain both a mandatory mask and a mandatory entry sanitization and health-check policy. Guests are not allowed on campus and classes are offered in expansive classrooms across the 7,500 square foot campus, in a format where students from multiple classes are not in public spaces together. Classroom numbers have also been limited to ensure maximum social distancing for all our students.


VOSHA continues to work to deliver more care for our students. Students now can receive counselling and coaching support from Rhodes Wellness College for a very low fee or no fee. Students will be supported with online wellness workshops and we have adapted our curriculum to ensure students are able to step into an increased online world where much help can be administered that can augment help that can only be administered face to face. Technology is something that can enrich experiences and we are incorporating it in a manner that replicates the richness that our face to face experiences provide.


We invite you to work with us and learn with us as we together bravely face our changing world. We are here for you as you strive to help yourself and others live happier, healthier lives.

Best wishes and we Hope to see you soon- whether it’s ONLINE or IN-PERSON.


Ben Colling, President and

Sam Issari, Managing Director