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Starting a New Career at Retirement Age

Alanna Cameron – My Yoga Journey

“My yoga journey began early last fall – more of a coming of age story (“age” being midlife). For the past 27 years, I have been completely consumed with the hustle and bustle of working two jobs and raising four amazing kids, up until several months ago. My family had grown, as families do, and I was slowly coming aware that I actually began to have time for me.

Fitness and physical health had always been a priority for me, but I was at a stage in my life (I’m 52) where I was looking for something more. I had become very drawn to the idea of establishing a connection between body, mind and spiritual health. Yoga intrigued me. So in my newly found free time, I began with a few YouTube yoga sessions, squeezed in a few hatha classes, and immediately, I was “hooked”.

I wanted more. I found the school online and read about the 200-hour teacher training program. What better way was there to learn, than to learn to teach? So I submitted my application. It was a pipe dream. From there, I had to find the tuition, be approved for an extended vacation, find someone to look after my business, find a place to stay in Vancouver, find someone to look after my 16 year old son and my dog Gypsy and amazingly, the stars aligned! Within two months, I was set to go.  Alanna Cameron Yoga Teacher Training VSOHA

I was so excited! I practiced asana every day. I bought books and read about yoga. I spoke to as many friends as I could to learn whatever they had to share. I wanted to be uber prepared! Looking back, I know now that I had no idea as to the depth of what I was about to experience.

I was painfully nervous as I made my way to school the first day, but the nerves quickly subsided. By the end of the first day, I felt at ease – safe and supported – and absolutely inspired! We were fortunate to have such a small intimate group – and regardless of the wide array of ages and backgrounds, we all seemed to connect almost instantly. The positive energy that seemed to come alive in our space was amazing!

Over the next few weeks, we were exposed to a wealth of information from a group of incredibly inspiring teachers who came from various backgrounds.

We learned about the history and origin of yoga and the Sanskrit language, we heard stories about the great Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism, and we were exposed to the basic concepts of the 36 Tattvas of Tantric Cosmology, the Eight-Limb Path of Yoga and the mysterious 7 Chakras of Human Energy. We were taught everything from the simplest rules of proper foundation and forms of asana poses, to the fine-tuning techniques of proper alignment and fundamental anatomy. We learned sequencing from start to finish and discussed the higher-level moral responsibilities of taking the seat of a yoga teacher.

And beyond all of that, we were all continually encouraged to consider ourselves and our own individual goals. Through light meditation, journaling, and defining personal sankalpas, we were constantly reminded of the importance of coming to know ourselves – to seek personal growth and understanding – and to always honour and be true our authentic selves.

Alanna Cameron Yoga Teacher

Lila, the program director, always left time for life – fun and discussion – time to just interact and appreciate each other. I believe that was important – it seemed to be a valuable and fulfilling time for everyone.

My journey, albeit short, has been an amazing one. Yoga to me is a means to unite a healthy body with an easeful mind and true and open heart. It is, and will always be, a part of me and a big part of my everyday life. I truly believe that enrolling in this program has been the very best thing I have ever done – just for me.

When I began the 200-hour teacher training , the thought of actually starting a new career as a yoga teacher at retirement age seemed like a slim to none possibility. Now, I can’t wait to get started – to share and learn and grow with all of my beautiful yogi students!”