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A Lucky $20 and a Fresh Start at Spa School

Amber Waite – Student Story

Amber Waite Bodywork Massage Amber Waite was born in Mission, BC. At the age of 6 she and her older brother were put into foster care where they continued to live in Mission in the care of their foster family for 12 years.

After graduating from Heritage Park Secondary School in 2015, Amber worked two jobs over the summer until she started school in September in the hopes of becoming an RMT.

“I took the full time program at WCCMT and struggled through it all, mostly from being in the mindset of wanting to enjoy my youth, but also wanting to focus on my future.”

Her struggle wasn’t helped by her transit situation. “I took the public transit from Mission to New Westminster for 1 whole year,” Amber said.

Despite being unsuccessful in the RMT program Amber still wanted to continue along the career path she had chosen after graduating.

“I had a few interviews with other RMT schools but never really liked my first impression of them,” Amber said. The last school on my list to visit was here. Another interview earlier that morning didn’t go as planned so it wasn’t a great start to the day but I was welcomed very warmly into the school. I also found $20 on the ground while walking to school, which was a bonus.”

Amber Waite Bodywork & Massage

Between the warm welcome and the lucky $20, Amber decided to apply for the September intake of the full time Spa Therapy Program with less than two weeks before classes were scheduled to start and she hasn’t looked back since.

“I really don’t have one particular highlight from the Spa Therapy Program because I loved it all. I was surprised by how well our class fit together, we all helped each other, provided support and comfort to one another almost instantly. Our class size was small considering what I was used to, and it was honestly so much better.”

From her year of study in an RMT program, Amber had a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. “I’m going to frame my transcript because my marks have never been this good!” she said.

“My all time favourite class was APPK, I enjoyed learning about the body and the teacher made it fun to learn.” APPK a human sciences course designed to introduce students to the fundamental principles of human anatomy, physiology, pathology and kinesiology as they pertain to the practice of therapeutic massage.

“The majority of the classes are hands on, but they also have a bit of theory mixed in as well,” Amber said.

Amber graduated in January this year and plans to work until she can start her own business. “I would like to find a local job in Chilliwack for a few years so I can gain experience, and then eventually work from my own space.”