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Is Yoga Teacher Training Right for You? 4 Reasons to Pursue This Career Path

Are you looking to take your passion for yoga to new heights and deepen your own understanding of the practice while guiding others in their bodies? A career as a yoga teacher is your chance to do just that. Combining knowledge of the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga with the rewards of a hands-on, personable profession, yoga teaching is a fulfilling career path for many people. 

At Vancouver School of Healing Arts, our alignment-based Hatha Vinyasa training helps students become skilled yoga teachers in a diverse world. This starts with students building a deep understanding of the principles and practices of yoga, along with the confidence to teach in different environments.

Are you wondering whether you have the skills and interests to make a good yoga teacher? Here are some top reasons to pursue this career!

1. Turn Your Commitment to Health & Well-being into a Career

A good yoga teacher is an ambassador of health and well-being. The benefits of yoga for the mind and body are endless: increased flexibility, reduced stress, inner strength, balance and postural control, a clearer mind, and more. If you are committed to improving your own health and well-being through yoga, why not share those benefits with others? 

Students in our yoga teacher training program at VSOHA will explore a curriculum that melds the history and tradition of yoga with an evidence-based, modern scientific understanding of the body/mind connection. This will prepare you to guide others toward a state of balance and wellness, and improved physical function.

Encourage a state of health and wellness in others as a yoga teacher.

2. Take Your Yoga Practice to the Next Level

The uniting quality of all yoga teachers is a love of yoga. If you’re thinking about yoga teacher training, it’s probably because you already have a deep appreciation for the practice–enough to make a career out of it. 

Working as a yoga teacher will give you unparalleled access to the different aspects of yoga. By guiding others in their movements, you not only get to practice yoga on a regular basis, but you can also discover new ways of approaching different styles, techniques, and postures. Rather than adhering to a specific sequence of postures only, you can get creative with sequences and develop a more well-rounded personal yoga practice that informs your teaching.

3. Join a Community of People Who Share Your Passions

If you have a passion for yoga, you probably want to share that passion with others who can support and encourage your experiences. As a yoga teacher, you’ll be creating a space for like-minded people to come together and enjoy yoga. Working in an environment of people who are enthusiastic about what they’re doing can be highly rewarding, whether that’s your fellow teachers or your clients. You’ll expose yourself to new ways of doing things and enhance your own appreciation of the practice to see you through a long and happy career.

Share your passion with like-minded people after yoga teacher training.

4. Find Reward in Helping Others as a Yoga Teacher

Many people are drawn to careers as yoga teachers because of their people-oriented nature. As a yoga teacher, you can enjoy the experience of working directly with others, helping them to explore their own mental and physical potential. Everyone will get something different out of your practice, which makes for an engaging and dynamic work environment. 

Here at VSOHA, our alignment-based Hatha Vinyasa training will help students adapt their teaching to a variety of environments, demographics, and styles. Students develop the skills to modify their instruction to suit beginners or intermediate clients utilizing various styles, including Hatha, power or flow. You’ll graduate with the confidence to teach in all scenarios–in a studio, online, or one-on-one. 

If this sounds like the right path for you, you can choose between four different training programs at VSOHA. 


Are you ready to begin a rewarding career with a yoga teaching certificate?

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