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Interested in a Holistic Approach to Your Practice? Discover Our Bodywork Therapy Program

A holistic approach to Bodywork Therapy is a comprehensive approach that takes into account the whole person–both mind and body. A person can be a culmination of their physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental state. A holistic approach to therapy aims to address all these angles to achieve greater balance and wellness in the body. 

At the Vancouver School of Healing Arts, we offer top-quality bodywork education with a strong focus on holistic practices. Our training covers everything from Human Sciences to Spa Modalities in an effort to build a complete understanding of Bodywork Therapy. In the process, students develop their ability to support and respond to different client needs as they unfold. 

Does this sound like the right approach for you? Our next Bodywork Therapy intake is November 7th, 2022! Keep reading to learn more about the program at VSOHA. 

What Does a Holistic Approach to Bodywork Look Like?

While Bodywork Therapy is a hands-on physical practice, it’s important to understand its emotional and spiritual dimensions as well. Freeing physical tension in the body has the potential to awaken or release contained emotions, traumas, and memories that are stored in the energy of the body. As a Bodywork Therapist, you have the ability to guide this effect in your clients by understanding the connection between body, mind, and spirit. A holistic approach to Bodywork Therapy takes this into account and draws upon the many healing qualities of massage. After bodywork therapy training, you can encourage clients to create an awareness of the feelings and thoughts that accompany body sensations. In the process, they can become more in tune with themselves and gain greater control over their whole body.

A holistic approach to bodywork therapy emphasizes the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

How Our Bodywork Therapy School Embodies this Approach

At VSOHA, teaching a holistic approach to practice is an important part of our Bodywork Therapy training. Our curriculum covers four different areas: Human Sciences, Manual Skills, Spa Modalities, and Personal and Professional Development. Each area of study is designed to address a different aspect of Bodywork Therapy, preparing you to offer more comprehensive and balanced treatments to clients. 

For example, through Human Sciences, you’ll develop kinesthetic awareness of the human body and how its various systems work together. Manual Skills and Spa Modalities help students understand the healing properties of different massage treatments and how to apply those techniques to different clients. Through the Personal and Professional Development module, students explore Body-Mind Integration and how to incorporate that into their practice. By understanding the many different facets of bodywork, you’ll be ready to tap into its whole potential as a therapeutic treatment for clients.

Students at a bodywork therapy school cover topics from Human Sciences to Spa Modalities.

What Skills Can You Gain Through a Holistic Approach?

After bodywork therapy school, you’ll find there are endless benefits to taking a holistic approach to practice–for both yourself and your clients. In helping clients to understand the connection between their mind and body, as well as their spiritual and environmental state, you can offer more meaningful and rewarding sessions. 

At the same time, adopting a holistic approach to practice forces you to examine your own role as a bodyworker. Students learn the value of self-care and healthy habits in order to be successful in both their personal life and professional practice. They are encouraged to identify their personal vision and values, practice effective communication, set boundaries, and develop strategies for cultivating an optimal balance between personal and professional life. If you’re interested in the path to a long and rewarding career, our next Bodywork Therapy intake is November 7th, 2022!


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