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Do You Have These 5 Qualities? A Yoga Teacher Career Might Be Right For You!

It may come as no surprise that yoga and meditation are flourishing disciplines in today’s society. Despite being nearly 5000 years old, yoga is still widely sought-after as a popular mindfulness practice for both beginners and professionals.

According to Leger360, about one in five Canadians practice yoga, with a large group of those represented by younger Canadians aged 18 to 34. Those interested in becoming yoga instructors can expect to pursue a rewarding career that helps students improve their overall wellness. In addition to knowing the fundamentals of yoga practice, great yoga instructors have a variety of key qualities that lead to their success. 

Here’s a closer look at five top qualities for a successful career in this field!

1. A Commitment to Developing Physical Skills

A great yoga instructor possesses physical skills and expertise, making each movement purposeful and well-coordinated. As yoga centers on balance and postural control, having core strength and being self-aware of your body significantly improves your overall teaching abilities. In this way, you can lead your students by example—helping them grow in their practice by showing them the right tools and techniques. You can also use these skills to ensure students develop proper habits, ultimately helping them improve their own physical skills. Doing so increases their inner strength and improves their posture, which can even alleviate those trying to cope with back pain.  

2. Showcasing Flexibility Gained Through Experience

An effective way of teaching yoga includes the ability to be flexible in your approach. This means being able to adapt to changes in the moment, without interrupting the overall flow and focus of your class. In this regard, having experience makes a huge difference. Through yoga teacher training and time spent perfecting your practice, you can develop your teaching approach and become better prepared to make smooth transitions and adjustments. The knowledge and experience you gain along the way can be passed along, used to help students throughout their wellness journey.

By taking yoga teacher training, you can improve your skills and develop a more flexible teaching style

3. Being Attentive to Students and the Class Atmosphere 

Flexibility often goes hand in hand with the ability to understand your students’ needs. Being attentive to your students, and being able to detect shifts in their energy or mood can help you create a positive class environment. Knowing how to read the atmosphere is an important skill, allowing you to better anticipate your students’ needs or concerns. Your observation skills can be used to monitor their interest, motivation, or even insecurities—serving as a way for you to enhance your teaching approach in order to provide the best experience possible. 

4. Being Supportive in Your Yoga Teacher Career

A great yoga teacher also needs to have a strong desire to help others grow through their practice. By supporting their students and creating a safe and comfortable environment, yoga instructors can directly contribute to each student’s progress. This quality is instrumental for the success of your yoga teacher career, as well as for your students’ positive growth and development. In order to promote wellness in your class, you’ll need to be supportive and caring to your students to help them reach their goals. 

Great yoga teachers need to be supportive and attentive to their students’ needs

5. Inspiring Students Through Creativity and Passion

Creativity and passion can be contagious, and you can use these qualities to inspire your students. By using interesting personal anecdotes or funny metaphors and instructions, you can motivate your students and promote laughter along the way. Combining this with your in-depth knowledge will ensure a memorable learning experience for your students—making them eager to come back for more.  

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