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5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Yoga Teacher Training This Spring!

Yoga Teacher Training Spring Yoga teacher training is not just for aspiring yoga teachers. It’s also for people that want to find deeper meaning in their lives. During a yoga teacher training, you will spend a lot of time turning inwards and reconnecting your mind, body and spirit. This process can help you gain clarity, focus and a sense of fullness in all other areas of your life.

There are so many reasons our students decide to enrol. Here are our top 5 reasons to take a Yoga Teacher Training this Spring:

1. You want to hit the ‘reset’ button

As we shake off the winter blues and come into Spring, the season of renewal, we often feel a sudden urge to expand our horizons. What better way to hit the reset button than a 6 week immersion training? You will learn lots of useful self care practices, including seasonal attunement, basic ayurveda, and how to develop a well rounded home practice of yoga, breathwork and meditation.

2. You’re looking for a challenge and/or personal growth

Whether you’re hungry for a challenge, or it just feels like there’s something missing in your life, a yoga teacher training (YTT) can help you scratch that itch and look into what’s really going on. YTT can create some major shifts in how we feel about ourselves, our environment and each other. It shines a light into corners of ourselves that we might have ignored or forgotten about and provides a safe and supportive environment where you can explore and investigate these new discoveries.

After a six week journey of self discovery and navigation, our students often leave with a deep feeling of gratitude and a whole host of tools to aid in self awareness.

3. You want to give back to your community

Giving makes us feel happy, is good for your health, promotes cooperation and social connection and evokes gratitude. After completing a training, many of our students choose to offer by-donation yoga classes as a way to give back to their communities and share the many gifts that the practice of yoga has to offer.

4. You want to deepen your yoga practice

You’ve already experienced the amazing physical benefits of yoga. Maybe you’re already enjoying the spiritual and emotional benefits, and want to dig deeper. In our foundational yoga teacher training, not only will your asana skills develop, but you’ll also delve into anatomy & physiology and learn resilience based mindfulness techniques, conscious breathwork, the philosophy & history of the practice, and more!

5. You want a career change

Are you looking to make a shift in your professional life? Doing a yoga teacher training doesn’t necessarily mean you need to become a full-time teacher. A YTT training can open doors to other pathways in the wellness and healing arts industries. The majority of our grads who want to work in this field feel well prepared to start building their own businesses. We have grads who have opened wellness studios, led international retreats, created corporate wellness programs, built online businesses and who use their yoga training to complement their existing training in a whole host of other disciplines.

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