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The Benefits of Table Shiatsu

After graduating from a Spa Therapy Program, many spa practitioners will find themselves delivering treatments on a traditional massage table in a spa environment. This can make it difficult to incorporate the techniques of shiatsu, which is traditionally performed on a mat on the floor and uses the practitioner’s body weight to apply pressure to meridians and tsubos (pressure points).

Fernando Cabrera, a Registered Shiatsu Therapist and a member of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of B.C. is one of Vancouver’s preeminent therapists.

“Students will not be working on the mat most of the time, so for spa graduates it’s very beneficial to learn shiatsu on the table,” Fernando says.

“Working with a table is a little bit different. You have to make use of the arms and elbows, which is great for clients who like a deeper pressure. ”

Fernando Table Shiatsu Bodywork Massage

As well as helping to alleviate stress and improve muscle and joint function by releasing excess energy that can cause pain and discomfort in the body, Shiatsu has many long-term health and wellness benefits.

“Only by knowing how to apply to pressure through the arms and elbow can you work on those tight muscles and get deeper in the pressure points, especially in the upper back, shoulders and the lower back.”

“I do a variety of work depending on how I sense my client. I often find it easier to work on a table, especially when working on the back. I also use a table when the client cannot get down to lay on the mat on the floor.”

Fernando teaches a 1-day course in Advanced Table Shiatsu Techniques which focuses on shoulders, back and hips at VSOHA in April.

The focus of the workshop will be on how to apply safe, deep long lasting pressure along specific tsubos on the shoulders, back and hips to release tension, primarily using arms and elbows.