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Combining a Passion for Wellness and Travel

Emily Ray Henderson – Graduate Story

Emily Ray Henderson’s passion for travel and her desire to help others has inspired a broad, internationally spanning career based around the mind body spirit connection.

“That’s what attracted me to this school originally, that mind body spirit relationship. I like that we went deeper than the physical aspects of massage and looked at what’s going on for the whole being.”

Emily started out as a counsellor at Rhodes Counselling where she connected with Reiki and it’s spiritual wellness aspects, which led her to the Present Moment Retreat Centre in Mexico.

“It unfolded organically that I had a passion to work with the body and a passion for travel. Adding massage to my offerings helped me a lot,” Emily said.

Emily graduated from the Spa Therapy Program in 2011. “I realised that massage is so accessible for travelling. More people are comfortable with it. Counselling and Reiki are more particular. Massage for me was a way to bring in abundance and do more sessions.” Emily Ray Henderson Bodywork Massage Graduate

Emily said that despite travelling, she is still in touch with many of her classmates. “The group we had was amazing and we had really good instructors. I walked away with a lot more than I arrived with. I connected a lot with reflexology, aromatherapy and with the ideology and understanding of the greater whole of when you lay your hands on somebody. I would recommend it fully.”

Emily says she will continue to train in other modalities to create her own signature on how she holds space for people.

“It’s so important when people are finishing school or when you are unsure of what to do, that you find what brings you joy, bliss and happiness. It’s about trusting and following. Follow that path. Follow what’s in the heart.”

Emily has spent 8 years working on and off at the Present Moment Retreat Centre and since graduating has also taken yoga teacher training. “Adding yoga was especially helpful for my own self care,” she said.

Emily said her path has now evolved to her holding her own retreats where she offers massage, Reiki and teaches yoga.

Emily is currently in Bali taking a breath work training and will be offering a retreat in Peru from June 25 to July 2 called ‘Discovering Your True Self, A Journey In Peru’. Visit for more information.