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Glynnis Osher – VSOHA Faculty Spotlight

Glynnis Osher_VSOHA_Faculty_spotlight Glynnis Osher is one of the longest serving faculty members at VSOHA. She teaches Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage and Self-Care in the Bodywork Therapy Program as well as the Indian Head Massage weekend course. She also created and facilitates Aroma 911 – a visually stunning, practical online course designed for students and members of the public to elevate their aromatherapy knowledge, personal wellness and professional practice.

How long have you been with VSOHA?

I’ve been teaching at VSOHA for 9 years. I first joined as an Aromatherapy teacher in what was then the Spa Therapy Program at VSBM (Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage). At the time I was an Ayurvedic practitioner with a focus on Aromatherapy and I had my own aromatherapy company with a product line!

What do you enjoy about teaching?

I’ve always loved teaching. I first taught graphic design at the Fashion Institute of Technology which now feels like a past life! I am always passionate about the subject matter – wellness, art and design. Also, I love seeing students motivated and inspired to go deeper with their curiosity, practice and studies. It’s beautiful to watch the process of growth. I really enjoy the mutual connection of learning and learning from my students.

What do you love about VSOHA?

Where do I begin? I love the community aspect. The people who are drawn to the programs at VSOHA are curious about wellness and healing. They are seekers who have a gift they want to share with the world. They want to help others and better the world around them. It’s an amazing place and my long history here means I’ve made many long-time friends on the faculty. It’s also amazing to witness where some of my first students have landed since graduating.

I enjoy seeing the evolution of the school. Programs continue to blossom and evolve with the times. There is an evolving social consciousness and commitment to staying current with what’s happening in our community and society at large. This is thanks to an incredible investment by the faculty, staff and Managing Director, Sam Issari.

And truly, for the joy of teaching. Every time I go into a class I get to share something from my magic bag of goodies. It’s so fun, hands-on and experiential. There’s a ritual to teaching. I’m part of a wonderful, tribal community.

How did your persona ‘The Spice Mistress’ come about?

My first foray into Ayurvedic products was creating a line of finishing spices. I also host an event called The Spice Lounge where we work with spices and grinding stones. I am often seen toasting and grinding spices, so the name came about very organically!

What’s your favourite self-care activity?

To receive an Ayurvedic massage! I also love to make products and spend time playing with them. I always enjoy an aroma face steam or face mask. And I’m an avid meditator. Meditation is my non-negotiable self-care practice. I do it every morning for 30-45 minutes.

What’s a fun fact we don’t know about Glynnis Osher?

I absolute love tap dancing! I was a tap dancer growing up and I still own a pair of tap shoes!

Curious about Aroma 911?

Begin your journey with The Spice Mistress.

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