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From Serving to Being of Service

Misty Misener Bodyworker For Misty Misener, choosing to study Bodywork Therapy at the Vancouver School of Healing Arts (VSOHA) was about freedom, curiosity, and purpose.

“A career server, I flirted with other things,” she says, “including working as an electrician. Then I worked at a spa as a receptionist, and I learned about what you can do with bodywork. Not only work at spas, but travel, and more. And travel is not a once-a-year option for me. It’s part of my lifestyle.”

In the Full-time Bodywork Therapy Program at VSOHA, Misty studies a range of modalities and massage techniques. The breadth of the curriculum has opened up learning opportunities she didn’t expect: “I’m falling in love with each discipline and adding them to my toolbox. That curiosity is permeating my whole approach to life.”

In the Personal and Professional Development component of the program, students explore not only business practices but the gifts they naturally bring to their bodywork practice and how they can use self-care day-to-day.

“You learn a lot about yourself during this five-month program with a core group of people. It’s a real gift.”

Misty Misener VSOHA Bodyworker Developing strong self-care skills is key when learning how to care for and be of service to others, a value Misty feels dovetails well with the Bodywork Therapy Program.

“With bodywork, we look at the person as a whole and try different things to help them find ease. There’s a genuine exchange of energy and time together. This program helps us to be present and recognize the person as an individual. It makes me happiest when I can be there for someone and have an honest interaction.”

After graduation, Misty plans to gain some work experience, spend time on Vancouver Island – and travel, of course! “The more I learn, the more I see options opening up to me. I don’t want to plan too far in advance, so I am open to what comes my way, like resorts, heliskiing, and an Island Summer.”

Reflecting on her change in outlook, Misty said “I used to feel angry when people said you have to find your passion in life. Now, I feel like this course is setting me up for who I am and what I want.”

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