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Allowing Life to Happen with Part-time Study

Lisa Yamaura Bodywork Therapy VSOHA Despite only ever receiving one professional massage treatment, Lisa Yamaura became curious about studying bodywork professionally to learn how it could improve people’s well-being.

“I was working in aquatic rehab with people who had neurological disorders and injuries and often they couldn’t move well or do too many exercises, so I started incorporating some rudimentary massage in the treatment,” Lisa said.

She was unable to dedicate the time and resources to a full-time, long-term program, so the flexible 9-month part-time program was perfect as it enabled Lisa to continue working full-time while studying.

“I’m not in a place in my life where I can do school full-time without working so the part-time bodywork therapy program gave me the opportunity to do both, which I really appreciated. Most of the people in my class had other things going on – jobs, children and even other studies, so it was a huge plus that we had every other weekend off!”

Lisa graduated from the program in May 2018 and said she appreciated the level of support she received from the school’s faculty, staff and other students. “The effort the staff and faculty put in to get to know us was really meaningful. Everybody cares and takes a genuine interest. I didn’t need to know my student number; everybody knew our names! The support they gave us was awesome,” Lisa said.

She also enjoyed the program’s emphasis on self-care, which encouraged balance in her life and made her busy schedule feel manageable. “We all have things going on, whether that be in school, relationships or work. Life happens throughout the program and there are ups and downs but everybody really supported each other. We also learned to incorporate this into our massage practice so if a client has an emotional release during a massage, we can be there or give them space so they feel supported through it.”

Lisa was surprised at how much content was covered in the course and how quickly each student was able to develop an individual style of bodywork. “I really noticed the huge transformation we went through, especially with my lack of experience receiving treatments. To go through the program in 9 months and deliver professional massages is amazing!”

Lisa has recently been accepted into a Masters Program in Kinesiology and is looking forward to being able to incorporate all her experiences with her clients.

Lisa said, “If you aren’t sure you’re able to do the schooling, give the part time program a shot! You have more time to absorb the material and let ideas percolate before you have to do them. The teachers really help you so as long as you focus and pay attention in class, there is no reason you can’t be successful!”

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