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3 Ways Our Student Clinic Supports Your Bodywork Therapy Training

Due to the physical nature of bodywork, mastering it requires plenty of practical experience. At the Vancouver School of Healing Arts, we take a holistic approach to bodywork training and provide our students with the tools they need to perfect their skills and provide their clients with effective bodywork therapy. Our student clinic is one such tool. It’s a simulated professional environment that allows students to gain hands-on experience under the supervision of qualified experts. 

The student clinic is the perfect place for students to get used to working with clients, hone their professional skills, experiment with different techniques, and receive valuable feedback on their work. Continue reading to learn how the student clinic supports bodywork training. 

1. Practice Interacting With the Public After Bodywork Therapy Training

The student clinic is an avenue for providing bodywork therapy services to the public in a supervised setting. As a healer, much of your work involves interacting with clients to provide a calm, welcoming therapeutic environment. At the student clinic, you’ll get the opportunity to interact with clients from the public regularly, allowing you to enhance your ability to develop a positive therapeutic alliance with clients. After bodywork therapy courses, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience to establish strong relationships with your clients.

2. Sharpen the Skills You’ve Learned in Bodywork Therapy Courses 

Our Bodywork Therapy Program provides all the theoretical knowledge you’ll need to understand the fundamental principles of the trade, including human anatomy, bodily systems, kinesthetic awareness, and more. Bodywork is physical work, and as such, the best way to perfect your skills is through hands-on experience. During your bodywork therapy training, you’ll have the chance to combine theory with practice at the student clinic. Here, you can put your knowledge to work, experiment with techniques as you learn them, and gain the confidence you need to launch a successful career.

Practice your professional skills at the student clinic during bodywork therapy training.

3. Build on Your Competencies With Direct Client Feedback 

What could be a better source of feedback than the client themselves? Throughout your bodywork therapy career, feedback will be a valuable tool for continually developing your skills and better understanding client needs and preferences. We give you the opportunity to benefit from client feedback before you even start working in the field, which will put you at a significant advantage and give you the chance to fine-tune your professional practice based on what clients want. 

Get valuable feedback from clients during your bodywork therapy training at VSOHA.

When you attend a bodywork therapy school, you will benefit from a quality, holistic education, skills that can be applied to spa positions or professional practice immediately upon graduation, a thorough curriculum, and a constructive learning experience. We look forward to seeing you at the student clinic! 

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