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Fuel your VSOHA Bodywork spark!

Graduate Gatherings are a community-focused event where grads of the Bodywork Therapy Program (Formerly Spa Therapy Program) gain inspiration, growth and self-care. The gatherings are led by a faculty member and are about reconnecting, celebrating and growing your practice with the VSOHA community.

Next Event: Joint Release Review Night

Arm and Shoulder Techniques

Instructor: Marie Salton

  • Date: Monday October 7
  • Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Price: $30
  • Registration: Phone 604-688-5060 or email
Joint relase marie salton graduate gathering

Same day registration is also possible however space is limited and places are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Joint Release was created and taught by Amaro Hograefer for VSBM/VSOHA. After assisting Amaro for several program intakes, Marie became the Joint Release instructor for the VSOHA Bodywork Therapy Program and completed her Trager Level 1 in 2018.

This evening will give graduates an opportunity to review, observe, give, and receive this light, flowing and rhythmic modality. Do you feel you’ve been working too hard in your treatments? Allow Amaro’s Trager-inspired techniques to invite the question, “What could be lighter?”

Past Events

Sunday April 15

Instructor: Colby Gaudet, MA Indigenous & Interreligious Studies, Reiki Master

This evening will include a bodywork exchange where participants are invited to incorporate crystal and sound healing into their session. Colby will bring a selection of crystals and sound devices for us to interact and play with.

Sunday January 21

Instructor: Sheryl Watson, Maya Abdominal Therapist

In our warm studio on a winter evening join this womb drum journey mediation to restore harmony and connection to your womb, to hear the wisdom of your inner guidance, and reignite your wild aliveness!

Sunday December 17

Instructor: Glynnis Osher, The Spice Mistress

Create and enjoy sultry, aromatic winter beverages and a delicious holiday treat! A sultry way to enjoy Ayurvedic Self Care.

Sunday November 19

Instructor: Kirsten Johansson

This evening will be an extension of the VSOHA Body Mind course. Expertly guided, this is an opportunity to explore your authentic self through the modality that sets VSOHA apart from other trainings.

Sunday October 15

Instructor: Marie Salton

When’s the last time you received a massage? Participants of this evening will experience a restorative yoga pose followed by a bodywork exchange. The theme of ease will thread through this evening as grads give and receive ‘easeful’ bodywork. Share and experience sessions with beautiful, unique, VSOHA bodyworkers.

Bonus Event: Sunday October 15

Facilitator: Emily Ray Henderson (VSOHA Graduate)

In addition to the inaugural event, we will be introducing the Graduate Gatherings with an afternoon Cacao ceremony. This is an opportunity to gather the tribe and set the intention of growing ourselves as we grow together.