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10 CCP credits with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

Breasts have tissue needs the same as any other part of our body and at some point during a woman’s life she will likely experience discomfort or symptoms that warrant a breast massage.

Become a leading edge women’s healthcare provider by rounding out your massage capacity with breast massage with this hands-on breast massage workshop.

Course content:

  • Increase your knowledge about your own breast health
  • Speak confidently about breast massage and conduct consent-based interviews with potential clients
  • Discuss professional ethics, develop good therapeutic boundaries and become aware of your projections
  • Study the structure and function of breasts
  • Become aware of common breast pathologies and ominous signs
  • Learn client positioning options and draping modifications
  • Apply scar tissue remediation with ease and care
  • Learn to guide your clients through a self-care massage protocol
  • Learn about adjunct therapies that enhance breast health
Breast Massage


  • Dates TBD
  • Saturday & Sunday, 9am – 5:30pm
  • 15 in class hours
  • $325 Tuition + $25 Supplies + GST
  • Prerequisite: VSOHA Bodywork Therapy diploma or equivalent

Why is Breast Massage Important?

Breast massage is important for physical and emotional well-being.  Physically, a good chest and breast massage can treat:
  • congestion and pain
  • fibrocystic breasts
  • assist during weaning after breast feeding
  • seatbelt and sports injuries
  • desire to re-connect to this part of the body
  • healing after sexual abuse or assault (reclaiming autonomy and boundaries)
  • healing after cancer treatments
  • healing after surgery (biopsy, reduction, augmentation, explant)
  • integration after top surgery for transgender folks
The emotional component is often over shadowed by the physical benefits, but the emotional benefits can be remarkable.  It is becoming more commonly recognized that we hold stress in our bodies as physical tension.  So often we hold grief, sadness, heartbreak in our chests and breasts and massage is one of the ways that we can help to release these holding patterns.

Meet Your Instructor: Sheryl Watson

Sheryl has been a registered massage therapist in Alberta since 1995 and taught in the massage program at Grant MacEwan University for 14 years. She joined the faculty at Vancouver School of Healing Arts in 2017 and currently practices at Empower Health on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

Pelvic health and integrated sexuality are the most precious part of her practice with the offerings in: Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Lymphatic Breast Massage, Holistic Pelvic Care™, craniosacral therapy, shamanic coaching/ceremony and shamanic women’s sexuality and empowerment workshops.


  • Tuition is paid in full at the time of registration. To register go to the Apply Now page.
  • Prerequisite: VSOHA Bodywork Therapy diploma or equivalent

Cancellation Policy

Tuition is fully refundable until one week prior to the course at which point no refunds will be made. If a student is unable to attend for any reason, payment received will be kept on file as a credit and can be used for any other VSOHA bodywork and massage program or course within one year.