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Essa Crossley – Student Story

Essa Crossley Yoga Therapy and Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver local Essa Crossley is the scholarship recipient for the 300 hour Foundations of Yoga Therapy Program. She started the course just 2 days after graduating from the 200-hour Immersion Yoga Teacher Training program in October of this year.

“Those 6 weeks were the happiest I felt in a long . The course was an amazing, transformative experience. It was everything I hoped it to be and more in a lot of ways.”

While Essa was researching her YTT program options, she came across Yoga Therapy and had the sense that it was the right fit for her. “My Yoga Therapy class is amazing. It’s a small group, which is really nice, especially with such an intimate subject as we can get quite deep.”

Essa says yoga has resonated with her from her first experience over 10 years ago at a studio on Commercial Drive. “I remember going to the studio and watching the yoga teacher and thinking ‘I want to do that’ but as a single mom it was difficult to get that time to myself. Life got in the way!”

After finding her way back to the mat this year and practising 3-4 times a week, Essa made a huge life change and quit her job with no idea where it was going to lead to. “I sat with it for a couple of weeks and it just came to me that Yoga was something that I wanted to do.”

With the support of her family, Essa took the plunge and enrolled in the YTT 200 program. “There is a sense of apprehension when you first arrive,” Essa said. “Like, ‘Did I pick the right school? Am I in the right place?’. This is such an encouraging space. Everybody is so lovely, welcoming and kind. I’ve really felt this whole time that I’m on the right path and everything is working out for me.”

Despite the classes for the two programs being very different, Essa said her transition into the Yoga Therapy was very smooth. “One thing I really love about Yoga Therapy is that it gives power to the client. We say ‘Why don’t you try this on and see how it feels’ and it’s up to the person to tell us whether it works or not for them. There is no black or white answer. It’s about trying new things, which I like.”

Essa plans to continue her studies in Yoga therapy to become a certified Yoga Therapist. She is open to to working with a range of people in different environments and hopes to start her own practise and to work in a clinic with other healing modalities.

“Yoga offers this inherent community wherever you go. I’m so grateful for the wonderful people I’ve met at the school and for the sense of community. I’ve now heard two groups say ‘I am in the right place. I have picked the right school.’ It’s been really amazing.”

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