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Yoga Grads Ready To Make An Impact

The start of July saw the graduation of students 200-hour Immersion Yoga Teacher Training program.

The 6-week course is as immersive as the name suggests with 30 hours of class time spread over 5 days each week, with additional assignments and homework outside of class.

Before the graduation, scholarship student Walter Pappas said, “It is mind blowing that we have almost been in the program for 6 weeks. Our group has grown so much together, each person has brought a different energy to the mix and we have all learned so much from one another.”

Our program focuses on training great teachers and empowering students to develop their own authentic teaching voices, rather than operating as a yoga studio running daily classes.

Program Director, Lila Rasa Brown said, “This group of graduates is so full of heart, wisdom, and creativity. I’m proud of their hard work and the authentic expression they’ve developed as yoga teachers, and I’m ready for them to be making valuable contributions in the world. I know they will make an awesome impact!”

The in-class curriculum covers principles of practice, teaching methodology, anatomy & physiology, yoga philosophy, ethics & lifestyle and a practicum where each student has to opportunity to teach an entire yoga class.

Walter said, “The small, intimate learning environment has enabled us to overcome so many obstacles. We’ve been so blessed to have this shared experience at the Vancouver School of Yoga. There is so much love, support and trust within this community; I can confidently say that all of these wonderful people truly embody yoga.”

The next immersion program will be run from September 6 to October 14 2016 in the historic Gastown neighbourhood of downtown Vancouver.

“I’m sad to go, but excited to see where all these lovely souls end up in their lives and to reconnect in the future!” Walter said.