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Stefanny Lowey – Bodywork Student Story

Stefanny Lowey Bodywork Student Story Stefanny Lowey always enjoyed massage and was curious about pursuing it as a career but was unsure of where to start. After graduating high school in 2014, she took a few university courses and worked different jobs, including as a server and receptionist before enrolling in an RMT program.

“RMT didn’t resonate with me so I took some time to ask myself what I wanted,” she said. “I came across VSOHA and it was exactly what I was looking for. It fitted both my values and the career I wanted.”

Why Bodywork over RMT?

Stefanny was attracted to the holistic side of the bodywork program, particularly how it works on the mind, body and spirit. “I love bodywork because there’s more flexibility with the type of work you can do and the directions you can take it.”

Stefanny graduated from the Full-Time Bodywork Therapy Program at VSOHA in January 2019. “It was incredible. I learnt so much about the human body and my own body. The program itself was a really nice pace, informative but not overwhelming. And the teachers are just incredible! They presented the information in ways that worked for everybody’s learning style.”

Job Hunting After Graduation

At first, Stefanny said she was a bit nervous about getting a job after graduating, ”I wasn’t sure what that would look like, but I got work right when I started to hand my resume out.”

Her heart was drawn to Pender Island where she was offered an opportunity to work at Poets Cove Resort and Spa just a few months after graduating. “I wanted to begin by learning what it’s like to work with lots of different clients. The spa itself is gorgeous and so are the people I work with. There are some fellow VSOHA grads on our team and we all have our own unique styles of bodywork,” Stefanny said.

The VSOHA course encourages grads to find their own treatment styles by teaching a variety of modalities. “I’ve definitely taken skills from deep tissue, shiatsu and the other modalities taught. I like to create and give personalized treatments that work on all of the stressors on the body.”

A Business in Bodywork

One day, Stefanny says she would like to start her own business, citing the business skills course in the Bodywork Therapy Program as giving her the knowledge and inspiration to do that. “I really love the way the school sets you up for any career future that you decide. I wouldn’t be where I am now without the program. I’m very grateful for the program and all the extra learning that you can do afterwards with the continuing education courses,” Stefanny said.

She is particularly curious about the Prenatal Massage course. “A lot of people request prenatal massages and I’d love to be able to give those!”

Stefanny was recently promoted to the position of Spa Manager at Sussurus Spa at Poets Cove, Pender Island.

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