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Q&A with Marie Salton, Spa Therapy Program Director

Tell me about your career path so far.

Since graduating from the Spa Therapy Program in 2005 my career has continued to be in the spa industry. I’ve been a body-worker in spas, remote lodges and 5-star hotels. I’ve taught courses and workshops and had roles as a spa receptionist, manager and owner.

I’ve appreciated my opportunities to take regular break from the physical work of giving, while still remaining in the industry. I’ve tremendously benefited from my post-graduate studies, whether that is massage school in Thailand or pregnancy massage here at VSOHA.

I firmly believe in the benefits of continued training to ignite your passion with every new modality explored.

What do you love about the VSOHA program?

VSOHA provides an amazing foundation for students, in their life journey and career in holistic health. What students gain in our school is an opportunity to transform themselves: physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Body-Mind program shows our students massage is so much more than just manual touch. I’ve learned that to be successful in this industry, we must always work on healing ourselves while we work toward healing others.

What are you excited about at the moment?

I am thrilled to be VSOHA’s Spa Therapy Program Director! I want to reach out to graduates and canvass their opinions on ways to improve the learning experience. They would know best! One of the most gratifying aspects of our grad community is that we really care about the continued success of the school. I’m always curious about where grads are now and their diverse experiences to date. At this moment, I’m excited to be enrolled in the upcoming Joint Release Review Night with Amaro Hograefer.