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5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Fall

Many bodyworkers and healing art professionals are so busy caring for others that they often neglect their own self-care practice. Glynnis Osher, instructor of the self-care course in the Spa Therapy Program at VSBM, shares her top 5 tips for staying healthy this fall – a great read for both bodyworkers and anybody looking to improve their self-care routine!

1. Meditate

“This is the best self-care practice! It supersedes all other practices. Meditation recharges. If you don’t plug yourself in, how can you expect to function properly? Meditation helps to quiet a busy or emotional mind. It will help you to listen to your innate guide and make you more receptive to your own wisdom and intelligence. This is the toughest one for most people. Start your day with 10 minutes of meditation. It will reset your clock.”

2. Keep moving

“Make sure to use your body. Walk, do yoga, dance, do any movement! Even 5-10 minutes each day is better than nothing at all. That’s my philosophy.”

3. Eat well, be well

“Avoid cold foods – they dampen the digestive system. Instead eat warming soups and nourishing stews with grounding root vegetables like butternut squash, sweet potato, yam and parsnip. Drink herbal teas and tonic drinks with ingredients like basil, ginger and liquorish. And finally, enjoy good sweeteners such as honey, coconut sugar and real maple syrup, in moderation of course!”

4. Play

“Have fun! If you’re a bodyworker, find a way to lighten up between sessions. Let your inhibitions come out. Play is something that helps you connect with your child-like wonder. Some people like to draw, goof around with your friends, tell jokes, watch or read comedy. Do something that ignites that joyful playfulness!”

5. Getting Treatments

“You’re a bodyworker – get bodywork! Neglect accumulates over time. Even though it might feel like a luxury, bodywork helps to keep your muscles relaxed, your body toned and flexible, and provides emotional nourishment. Touch helps to balance our emotions. If you can’t get bodywork from others, do self massage! Invest in some grounding fall body oils such as sesame with nutmeg, spikenard, vetiver, orange, sandalwood or frankincense. Essential oils and aromatherapy will nourish the Vata dosha [one of the three fundamental body types in Ayurveda] for the fall season!”

Finally, Glynnis suggests not overcommitting to an ambitious self-care routine. “Pick one or two of the above to start. The key to self-care is consistency. It’s better to do 10 minutes each day, than 1 hour every now and then!”