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4 Objectives of Integrative Bodywork for Bodywork Therapy School Students

Integrative Bodywork is about whole-person healing. It takes the techniques of Bodywork Therapy and applies them to achieve physical, mental, emotional, and energetic balance in the body. 

Integrative Bodywork is at the heart of the Bodywork Therapy Program at VSOHA. It is designed to elevate your training by integrating all the different techniques that are covered during your time at VSOHA. Through Integrative Bodywork, students gain the foundation and confidence to develop their own therapeutic style, creating effective treatments specific to each client’s needs. Take a closer look at what you’ll learn through Integrative Bodywork at VSOHA.

Develop Intuition Around Touch in Bodywork Therapy School 

First and foremost, Bodywork Therapy is a manual treatment that takes into account the needs and structure of the body. Knowing how to use your hands to understand, locate, and relieve sources of tension is an essential part of the practice. Students of our bodywork therapy school will develop this sense through the use of various manual skills, such as Swedish techniques, deep tissue, joint release, and more. These skills will come together in the practice of Integrative Bodywork, through which students get a sense of the right techniques to apply in the right place and develop a more well-rounded understanding of the power of touch. 

bodywork therapy school
Bodywork therapy training will teach you to apply manual techniques naturally and effectively

Explore Creative & Effective Sessions Design 

As a holistic practice, Integrative Bodywork gives students the freedom to explore different techniques and approaches to healing. An Integrative Bodywork therapist will look beyond the physical effects of massage and find ways to support the mental and emotional well-being of the body. This offers you the freedom to approach bodywork therapy as an art form and develop your own unique treatment style in the process. 

The approach you take will largely depend on the needs and experience of the client. Every body is different, and no two treatments will be the same. Through bodywork therapy training at VSOHA, you’ll be encouraged to explore and apply different techniques, gaining confidence in your own understanding and developing ideas for future sessions.

bodywork therapy training
Gain the confidence to design your own therapy style

Refine a Detail-Oriented “Spa Touch” 

Through Integrative Bodywork, students will apply what they’ve learned in the Spa Modalities module of the course. This covers popular luxury treatments found in spas, including aromatherapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy, Indian head massage, hot stone, and shiatsu. Each of these treatments can be used to provide either a relaxing, therapeutic or energetic experience for clients. Integrative Bodywork is a chance for students to pull from each of these techniques and learn how to develop a treatment tailored to their clients. Since many of our students have ambitions to work in spa facilities or resorts, the ability to provide a high-quality, detail-oriented treatment is an essential part of their training.  

Create Smooth Transitions Between Techniques 

Integrative Bodywork not only teaches you how to apply different therapeutic techniques, but it also teaches you how to create a harmonious treatment, in which each technique comes together to provide a smooth and effective experience for your clients. In the Integrative Bodywork course at VSOHA, everything from draping and biomechanics to advanced manual techniques will be reviewed, fortified and embellished. Upon completing the course, you’ll be confident moving between different practices to offer a unique and cohesive therapy treatment to clients. 

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