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3 Ways Building Professional Skills Can Boost Your Bodywork Therapy Training

The Bodywork Therapy course at VSOHA is not only focused on giving you a top-quality holistic massage and bodywork education, but it’s also geared towards your personal and professional development. During the program, you’ll have the chance to build essential skills for a long and rewarding career. 

Based on the unique characteristics and strengths of each student, the program allows students to develop practical ways to hone their skills in the workplace and improve their effectiveness as professionals. In a supportive environment, you’ll develop your personal vision, practice effective communication, explore the various roles in the workplace, and develop strategies for balancing your personal and professional life. At VSOHA, training doesn’t end in the classroom but lays the foundation for a successful future. 

Read on for a look at some of the key professional skills you’ll develop in our program and how they can support your future practice.

Build Confidence Communicating With Clients

A bodywork therapist works with clients to develop treatment plans using various manual techniques based on their needs. As with any people-oriented profession, building your interpersonal skills is a great way to help you connect with, communicate with, and support your clients. 

In the Body-Mind Integration component of our bodywork therapy training, students will explore the psychosomatic relationship that exists between body, mind and spirit and learn to honour this connection within massage. The objective is to develop students’ ability to listen, support, and respond to client needs as they unfold while offering a grounded presence.

Our student clinic is a chance for you to put those skills to the test and build your confidence working with real clients. Here, you’ll experiment with different techniques in a spa-like environment and receive invaluable feedback from the clients. In the process, you’ll learn the importance of treating clients with respect, attention, and professionalism to get the most out of your practice.

Focus on your interpersonal skills for professional success.

Develop a Vision for Your Career

The goal of our bodywork therapy school is to deliver students to a rewarding, hands-on career. This means something different for each student at VSOHA. Many of our graduates go on to work as self-employed bodyworkers, while others build their own practice or find work in the spa industry. Developing your goals and ambitions for your career is an important part of the training process at VSOHA. Students learn to identify their personal vision and values and understand the different functions in the workplace. 

Not to mention, our Business Skills course is divided into two components: Spa Employment Preparation and Self-Employment. In the former, students will get an overview of spa industry trends, opportunities, and challenges for bodyworkers. They’ll also discuss ways to present their personal and professional skills to a diverse industry. The Self-Employment component offers valuable tools and resources for a practitioner to start their own small business and bridge the gap between being a skilled practitioner and working in professional practice.

Find a vision for your future during your bodywork therapy school.

Practice Self-Care During Bodywork Therapy School

A critical skill in sustaining a long and enjoyable practice as a bodyworker is the ability to take care of yourself. That’s why building your professional skills involves looking out for your personal needs and development. At VSOHA, we introduce students to the ancient principles of Ayurvedic Self Care, including nutrition, yoga, meditation, and pranayama. Our instructors encourage students to commit to a self-care regime for the duration of their program, helping them to develop healthy habits for their professional careers. Through a holistic training program that focuses on the well-being of both you and your clients, you can develop healthy habits that increase the longevity of your career and your enjoyment of the work. 

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